Google brings Touch ID, Face ID on Google Drive for iPhone and iPad


Google has all set to knock out the new update for Google Drive on iOS and iPadOS platforms. This new update has brought more security features for Google Drive. Now, Google Drive users will be able to lock the app via Touch ID and Face ID. Many individuals are worried that how to boost privacy at the time when you are at home. Due to lockdown, everyone is staying at home and their privacy may be hindered by any means. But don’t worry, Google takes all the responsibility of your security. Today, Google is add-up more security features on Google Drive for iPhone and iPad users including Touch ID and Face ID. 

Initially, Google has declared this feature last month, and it seems that the feature is popping-out lately. Google has now updated new biometric features for security perspective in Google Drive for iPhone and iPad users. That means now iPhone and iPhone users will be capable to secure their data with Touch ID or Face ID on Google Drive.  

With this new feature, individuals will be able to set the lock screen timer option. Users will have three options – 10 seconds, 1 minute, and 10 minutes. You can set any one of them as per your preference. However, with various benefits, the new privacy screen also has shortcomings as well. Such as, it won’t be able to hide your notifications, photos shared only with photos app, documents shared only with files app, and some other framework’s functionality.  

New Privacy Screen is Pretty Similar to Whatsapp’s iOS version 

The latest privacy screen is pretty-well similar to Whatsapp’s iOS version. However, the fingerprint feature is also supported to the Whatsapp’s android version as well. Earlier, Google had the passcode feature to secure the drive.  

New Privacy Screen is pretty similar to Whatsapp's iOS version

Afterward, the company has eliminated this feature. Although this feature is only compatible with iPhone and iPad devices, Google has not turned out this feature for Android users as of now. Make your documents, data more secure via set-up Touch ID and Face ID lock to your Google Drive. 

Recently, Google has also made an update to its video-conferencing application Google Meet. Google Meet has co-ordinated with Gmail, which means now you can easily make video calls directly from the inbox. Now, you don’t need to open up the app separately from the desktop or from your phone’s home screen. Just simply access Google Meet via your Gmail account but remember one thing the Gmail which you choose for Google Meet must be running on that device.

In these terrible circumstances, when we are apart from our loved ones, technology is the only means to stay connected with them from all over the world. Google always made endeavors to keep you enthusiastic and calm in this harsh time by making every bit possible effort to help you. Google also added the COVID-19 information bar to its browsers on the top of the news feed for giving the latest and relevant information to the users. Google has also teamed up with its rival Apple just to build the coronavirus contact tracing applications.

Both companies have claims that this contact tracing application will surely give accurate information and help people by warning them in advance. If any individual has come-up in the contact of the infected individual then this app will warn the individual about the very same. And also gives information about the COVID-19 cases near the individual’s locality and territories. However, first, this app will be turning-out for US states and afterward, available across the world. And now, Google has released new security patches for Google Drive to iPhone and iPad users. Google Drive’s new security feature surely guards your privacy and protects your data to no limit.