Google cancels 2020 I/O developer Conference due to Coronavirus


In a short span of time Coronavirus has effected so many people across the globe till yet. It seems that tech giants are also getting affected by this deadly virus. Recently Facebook has canceled its F8 developer conference due to the widespread of Coronavirus. Now another tech giant Google also canceled its major event.

Google has canceled 2020 I/O developer conference which was supposed to be held Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre in California. Before this, Google has also changed its Cloud Next Event into a digital conference.

All the Details about the Canceled 2020 I/O Developer Conference

The following are the reasons and other details of the canceled 2020 I/O developer conference that has been provided by Google.

Reason of canceling 2020 I/O developer conference

Google has sent a cancelation email to all the attendees of the 2020 I/O developer conference stating that “Due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), and in accordance with health guidance from the CDC, WHO, and other health authorities, we have decided to cancel the physical Google I/O event at Shoreline Amphitheatre,” this was the same reason why Google has changed its Cloud Next Event into a digital conference.

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While, in another statement, Google stated that “Over the coming weeks, we will explore other ways to evolve Google I/O to best connect with and continue to build our developer community. We’ll continue to update the Google I/O website.” Hence, there is still room for the I/O developer conference to be held as a digital conference, but there is no such official statement.

What about the people who have already purchased the tickets?

For those who have already purchased the tickets Google has announced to refund the amount and these attendees are not be required to enter the next year’s I/O 2021 lottery to get the tickets.

What will Google do for the economic impacts of canceling its 2020 I/O developer conference?

To cope up with the economic impacts of this decision Google pledges support of $1 million to the local Mountain View Organizations, small businesses, and schools in Mountain View.

This is the first time in history that the I/O developer conference is getting canceled. Since 2008, Google tends to announce new tools for its developers and features for its consumers in this conference. It is attended by around 5000 people every year since 2008.

That’s all from Google on its 2020 I/O developer conference, stay tuned with us for more updates.