Google Cloud has given us so much in April, Learning, Connecting Virtually


2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone up till now and not sure about how the rest of the year will be goes. Due to COVID-19 impact, the economy of every country has down, and most of the businesses have been faced many troubles. But, Google has brought every possible effort to make our quarantine more valuable virtually. 

Google Brought New Conformity to its Users in April

Google has always stepped to help its users in this harsh time by staying connected virtually. As many of the people are doing work from home Google adds new features for them to make their works reliable. Recently, Google upgrades its video conferencing platform Google Meet to provide better connectivity.

Google brought new conformity to its users in April

Meet’s popularity and accessibility are being emerged day-by-day all over the world. Google upgrades its app Google Meet and merged it with Gmail. That means now users can receive or make a call via just log in from the Gmail account. However, presently this feature made available for G-Suite users only, and after in the coming weeks, it will be made available for all. Until 30 September, users can use it free without any cost, afterward, users have to buy it to use its functions. 

Christine Cignoli, Blog Editor, Google Cloud Platform has stated in the blog post, “April brought many adaptations to the new reality of working from home and socially distancing. At Google Cloud, we kept our focus on helping our customers navigate the many impacts of COVID-19 by meeting and connecting securely and virtually. All this month, you can explore free cloud learning resources from Qwiklabs and Pluralsight. You’ll find cloud basics and courses in on-demand skill areas, like data analytics, machine learning, and Kubernetes. The Google Cloud Essentials lab offers an introductory tour of Google Cloud and explanations of basic cloud concepts.”

Gives Better Cloud Computing Capacities to Access the Data Fastly 

This month you can also discover free learning online classes without leaving home. Many individuals also take free online certification courses, diploma courses, and internships in this month. You’ll explore many courses like data analytics, machine learning, and many more in-demand skill areas.

In Las Vegas, Google Cloud’s new update rolled out last month and has the capabilities to provide good cloud computing functioning to its users for making their business into a better one amid of COVID-19 disasters. Those organizations which are situated near to Las Vegas can access, retrieve, or modify their data fastly. 

Google Cloud also offers an amazing tool to access all your data remotely. The biggest impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has occurred businesses and organizations, those individuals who are working from home find it difficult to access data from an organization’s system. So, for those Google offers BeyondCrop Remote Access to get all the data and important information directly, fastly, or easily from organizations system as well. 

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Google is also using this for 10 years. One of the best things about BeyondCrop Remote Access is, it is based on the cloud. Thus, it is very easy to get access to all your company’s web applications and data to your current device which you are using at home. And with this, you don’t even need to set up a VPN. Also, keeps you updated all the time by providing new authorized information about the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Google is trying to help individuals in every way and gets succeed also. So, that’s all that Google Cloud has given us in April, now wait for the next updates of Google. And think, What will it bring in the coming next months?