Google Duo Rolls Out with Family Mode, Push 12 participants limit to 32


In this situation, when we are all being stuck into our homes and bound to go anywhere video chats are the only way to get connected with your dearest and closed ones around the world. After, upgrading Google Meet now Google upgrades its another video conferencing platform Google Duo. Google has rolled out family mode in Google Duo that adds up a lot of filters, masks, and funny emojis to make the family video chat more interactive.

After observing the popularity of Zoom, recently, Google had upgraded its Meet video conferencing platform via merged it with Gmail. Recently, Google has integrated Google Meet with Gmail that means now users can be able to make or receive video calls right from their inbox. Users just need to link their Gmail account with the meet, however, as of now, this feature is available for G-suite users only, and after in the coming few weeks, this will make available to all.

Now, Google has hit its another online meeting tool Google Duo with Family Mode. This family mode offers a bunch of filters, masks, emoticons to make your family video chat more fascinating and amusing. However, the hang-up and mute options are being kept hidden because of children’s unnecessarily attempts to striking them.

Humberto Castaneda, Product Manager, Google Duo has stated, “Recently, video calls have also become the only way for my daughters to see their grandmas who live nearby. Although the physical separation has been hard for all of us, Google Duo makes it easier to let the family know how much we miss them, show off our latest artwork and just act silly together like we would in person. Last month, we announced new features on Duo to help you stay connected, and today I’ll share updates that make conversations with loved ones even more special.”

Apart from video conferencing, android and iOS users can use all the features of family mode in a one-to-one video chat as well. As of now, you can do video chat with 12 members at a time. But, according to Google’s sources, now users can do video calls with 32 members at a time. That means Google is pushing its participants limit from 12 to 32.

google duo feature

More New Updates will Release in Coming Weeks

Google has also declared that it is working on other improvements of Google Duo and can be releasing them in the coming few weeks. These updates will include browser-based improvements on group-video call, the user will be able to join the video call via invite link which is linked to your Google account and more to make it better than Zoom.

At this lockdown phase, every tech giants make every possible effort to take over their opponents. As of now, individuals are using video conferencing tools the most to stay connected with their loved ones and also for business meetings across the world. Zoom is the only online meeting platform that has seen immense growth so far. To overtake Zoom, Skype and Facebook have been continuously upgrading their features to combat Zoom’s interface or features. Recently, HTC has also introduced its VR Video Chat Application.

With this new family mode, you can express yourself a bit more to your loved or closed ones. In this new feature, you can easily get the effects like transforming your faces into a flower, wearing sun-glasses, and many interesting masks effects. We believe that with these new features you can do a bit funnier and more entertaining video chats with your family and friends around the world.