Google give notice to The Federalist and removed ZeroHedge from its Ad Platform


Google has kicked off the websites from its ad platform due to spreading hatred about the ongoing protest. The Federalist and ZeroHedge are the two websites that constantly promoting the content related to ongoing protest and spreading negativity, hatred, violence, or discrimination.  

Recently, after the custodial death of George Floyd’s, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has come enlightened. Many big tech champs support the #BlackLivesMatter movement in their own ways. Even these big tech organizations donating millions to the organizations who are working to remove racial injustice to establish monotony and equality. Google has always been supportive of anything like this and even this time Google has also donated $12 million to the organizations that are working to establishing racial justice, monotony, and equality. 

Google not only did this, but even the company is also removing the websites from its ad platforms that support online protests and breaking the monetization policy. Additionally, Google removed the ZeroHedge website after warning much time to stop promoting and publishing the content that spread hatred, discrimination. And Google discovers that The Federalist named website also doing the same, so Google issued the company warning notice to stop doing the same and fix the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, Google will also remove The Federalist from its ad platform. 

Recent news sources suggest, that Google eliminated The Federalists and ZeroHedge websites from its ad platform because of the content that they are publishing against the monetizing policy. Additionally, Google’s spokesperson also said that if any website publishes or promotes content against our policy we take action. And the content that violated our policies, we kicked off that website from our ad monetization platform.  

Google give notice to The Federalist and removed ZeroHedge from its Ad Platform

But, Google comes back to clear this rumor and said that the company issued a warning to The Federalist and in case after the warning, The Federalist won’t fix the issue then get demonetize. The company’s spokesperson added to this and said that they’d given the notice to ZeroHedge also but even after getting the warning ZeroHedge hasn’t fixed the issue and got demonetization.   

Numerous US sites are promoting and publishing racist content about the protests revealed in reports. According to the British Watchdog Group, Center for Countering digital Hate, recently shared the report with Google revealed that numerous US websites focussing on racist content that spreads negativity, hatred, discrimination. These websites include The Federalist and ZeroHedge.  

And the report also claims that these kinds of sites making millions of money through Google’s ad platform. Moreover, Twitter also omitted ZeroHedge in February because the account published the personal information of a Chinese scientist. Afterward, a few weeks ago Twitter restored ZeroHedge by claiming this happened due to an error. 

In March this year, Twitter had removed the tweet of The Federalist because the tweet was connected to coronavirus conspiracy. And that was against the companies policy therefore, Twitter had decided to remove the tweet over its platform and did so as well. Additionally, new reports revealed that Google is working on finding websites that are doing the same and spread hatred, discrimination, or negativity. After detecting, Google will remove them from its ad platform. For more such updates stay tuned with TechShouters as it SHOUTS every latest tech release!