Google Maps now able to suggests Wheelchair available places


Google always made efforts to give its users much more than ever. Fortunately, Google has been always climbed the ladder of success. This time also Google made an update for those individuals who are unable to walk, stroll, and climb.

On the occasion of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google has released numerous tools and resources related to education. Along with this, Google has also announced accessibility features for Google Maps and Android.

Google will make your journey much easier by introducing new updates to Google Maps. It is embarrassing and annoying when you are unable to go anywhere outside without the help of your loved ones as you are stuck in a Wheelchair. So, here comes Google to take out you from this awkward situation.

Google has made an update to Android and Google Maps for the users who are unable to go anywhere because they are in a Wheelchair. For those, Google has added the accessibility features in Google Maps so that users can easily find out the Wheelchair accessible locations.

With this feature, it is very simple and convenient for users to find out the latest medical information. By this feature, in this tragic situation which has arisen by the COVID-19 epidemic. This accessibility feature helps people to find out everything about the pharmacy, hospital, grocery before you move to go there.

The new update is turned on both Android and iOS. This feature launch will have a breakthrough to create a more helpful map experience for users. As of now, the accessible spots most likely to show Australia, Japan, the US, and the UK locations for Google Maps users, and will add furthermore countries after some time.

google map wheelchair accessibility feature

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How to Enable the Wheelchair Accessibility Feature

To enable this feature, the user just needs to go to Google Maps, then head over on the Settings of the Google Maps. Henceforth, touch on the accessibility settings, then, move to accessible places. Now, if the location has an accessible wheelchair entrance then only you’ll find a wheelchair icon. If you’ve found a wheelchair icon then tap on to see the further location updates.

As per the survey by the US Census Bureau, approximately 30 million Americans have confronted the problem while climbing stairs, strolling, and moving. And for other peoples, it can be just the help of moving and shifting heavy things or may have a leg injury. This accessible feature may help peoples in the wide range across the world.

Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, Software Engineer of Google Maps, has stated, Today, Google Maps has wheelchair accessibility information for more than 15 million places around the world. That number has more than doubled since 2017 thanks to the dedication of more than 120 million Local Guides and others who’ve responded to our call to share accessibility information. In total, this community has contributed more than 500 million wheelchair accessibility updates to Google Maps. Store owners have also helped, using Google My Business to add accessibility information for their business profiles to help users needing stair-free access find them on Google Maps and Search.”

Google always finds new approaches to make our work more lighten, quicker, and easier. Now, Google has come up with yet another update for Google Maps. Well, we’ve above discussed how users can enable the new accessibility tool and resources. And this will be revealed in the coming weeks how this accessibility feature has performed in the real market. Stay tuned with Tech Shouters to get the latest tech shouts!