Google Maps Allows you to share Location via Plus Code Technology


Google Maps has got a new update i.e., sharing location via plus codes. That means, now users are able to share their live locations with unique codes. Plus Code Technology is an alphanumeric rendition of the address, locations, and so forth.

Google has always worked on providing ease of work to users. So, once again, Google comes with yet another update in Google Maps. Recently, Google is bringing new updates to its Google Maps by allowing users to share location via using Plus Code Technology. Plus Codes are the unique digital codes of the locations. Plus Codes works on the basis of Longitude and Latitude.

Plus Codes can be formed for every location in the entire world. Along with this, Google also made this update accessible as an open source for developers to use the most of it for other numerous applications. Though, this new update will make location sharing very easy to users. Google Maps, Director of Project Management, David Martin had said in the statement on Friday, that “generating Plus Codes for the locations is totally free to use and extremely easy, by so anyone can use this technology and check out how the technology works.”

Plus Code Technology has already in Google Maps since 2015

Plus Code Technology has been in Google Maps since 2015, but now, the company has made available this technology for all. That means Google allows users to use this technology to share locations with unique digital codes. Now, you must be wondering how this technology works. So for sharing location as plus codes, users need to touch on the blue dot that indicating their location to get the plus codes of that location.

blue dot with your location on google map

Once the plus codes are visible on the screen, users will be able to copy it and paste it on other distinct social media platforms, like Whatsapp, Instagram, Text Messages, and more for sharing. Plus Codes is a very important technology, especially for an emergency. For instance, if you don’t know the name of the location, in that case, you can simply click on the blue dot, afterward, copy or paste it, and share your location with others. Now, not having an exact address is no more barrier because now you can get the exact location only by tapping on the blue dot.

Though, prior to bringing this new feature, Google has also added the wheelchair accessibility feature. In the mid of last month, Google had made this feature rolling out for all. Along with this accessibility feature, Google had also released the new crucial tools for learning and education. Because, as per the survey revealed that users use their quarantine to approaching the new things, doing online certificate courses and more. That’s why Google had released new resources and tools for education. This accessibility feature has specially popped-out to those users who are unable to walk without a wheelchair. So, this accessibility feature helps users to find out the wheelchair accessible places for their comfort.

Google constantly works on providing a better way to its users in every possible stream during this pandemic situation. In early April, Google had stood with its rival Apple just for creating a tool that helps in slow down the spread of coronavirus. This contact tracing app will give accurate and authorized information to individuals, public health officials. Google continuously pushing its limits and releases many tools or resources to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. And now Google has made new updates in its Google Maps by permitting users location sharing via unique digital codes.

However, as of now, this update will be available for android users only. And to get this update, users need to update Google Maps to the latest version.