Google Maps Will Shortly Manifest the COVID-19 Cases In Your Area – All You Should Know!

Google Maps Will Shortly Manifest the COVID-19 Cases In Your Area

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading all over the world. Technology giants have made such amazing tools to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But, still, the problem remains the same as earlier. Somehow, these tools help users by suggesting preventive measures. Recently, big tech marvel Google has declared a new update for its Google Maps.

When most of the tech giants have developed contact tracing tools, to inform users if they’ve come in contact with an infected individual. Here comes Google with a new update for its Google Maps. A few days back, big tech champ Google has announced an all-new update in its Google Maps. This new update will be called a COVID layer, as per Google’s words. And moreover, this new update will show the users crucial information regarding COVID-19, like the total number of COVID-19 cases in a region.

So, that will help users to make further decisions like whether to go to that specific territory or not. However, the pandemic is emerging massively and showing no signs of being restrained. Hence, Google is planning to add on the new feature in its most recent update later this week on both platforms i.e., Android and iOS.

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How Will The New Feature “COVID Layer” of Google Maps Work?

Google states in its official blog post that the users can view the data in the Google Maps after hitting it and tapping on the layers button which will available on the top-most right corner of the screen and ticking on the “COVID-19 info”. After that, this will then display the 7-day average data of new COVID-19 cases.

There will be a label as well, that shows whether the COVID-19 cases are heading up or down. Furthermore, Google will also equip the color-coding feature that will assist users to recognize the frequency of new cases in a particular region. Moreover, the heading case data is visible at the country level for all the 220 countries that Google Maps bolsters.

Google will accumulate the data for the COVID-19 cases in a specific region from distinct origins in which the New York Times, Johns Hopkins, and Wikipedia will include.  These origins will receive the data from Public Health Organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization), government health ministries, the state and local health hospitals & bureaus. As per the Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News data, COVID-19 cases increased by 0.6% in the US as compared with the corresponding to 6.91 million. Over the past weeks, the daily average ratio of positive cases is increasing continuously.

While going out these days is more intricate, hence, Google is expanding Google Maps with the hope to help out its every user as much as possible. The new feature COVID Layer will roll out across the world later this week.