Google Meet plans to Launch New Background Features like Zoom


Presently, in this pandemic phase, video conferencing has been such a pleasure for everyone. This pandemic phase changes the meaning of work, business, and education. It has been observed that working from home proved to be more productive than work from the office. From the month of March till now a massive jump is being observed in the business of video conferencing platforms. All the people are using video conferencing platforms as much as possible for various purposes like, stay connected with their loved ones across the world, work from home, online classes, and so forth. 

Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Hangouts, Webix, etc are some most popular video conferencing platforms across the world. Prior to the revelation of Zoom’s fault, Zoom was the leading app that had downloaded by millions of users across the world. But, the leak about Zoom’s security that it hinders the privacy of users. By sharing their personal information with third-party apps Zoom hinders the privacy of users. After this, users have deleted the Zoom and even app also gets banned. 

Google Meet plans to launch new background features like Zoom

Then, Google thinks this is the right opportunity for them to overtake the popularity of Zoom by updating its platforms like – Meet, and Hangouts. Google did so by updating its platforms and make everything extremely easy for users. Now, some reports suggest that Google is planning to add more features for background just like Zoom. These new features will let users make the background funnier than ever. Google Meet’s new feature will soon permit the users to hazy or blurry the background and replace it completely. However, the app will have some sort of default backgrounds but at the same time, the app also allows you to create or set-up the background of your choice. Google stated in its blog post that this new feature will make feel students and teachers comfortable while taking online classes. 

The company claims that this new feature named Google Meet Custom Background will be going on-air in the coming few months. Additionally, Google also made enhancements to its layout section.  The new improvised layout section will let the user see 16 participants at a time. Moreover, the company is also planning to add the new user-interface that will add participants up to 50. Apart from this, Google Meet will also include some additional features like – 

  • Meeting attendance
  • Q&A round
  • Real-time polling 
  • Room breakouts
  • Control moderators
  • Hands supporting

Users will be able to join or start a meeting simply by voice commands. Be more productive via Google Meet! Stay tuned with us from G-suite updates and latest tech releases. 

Google’s New Background Features Like Zoom