Google’s New Project KEEN helps you to track your interest


Google’s latest project named Keen has released to explore new things and belongings. The new web and the android app will help users to explore their interest more. This new app will let users track their passion or interest.

During this pandemic situation, when everyone has been stuck at their home they spend their time while scrolling their phone for seeing new feeds and images. Hence, the co-founder CJ Adams apprehended that he was also wasted his too much time on the phone just for a time pass. Then he thinks that why not spend time learning and exploring.

Afterward, he and his four collaborators worked together for this project with the company People and AI Research (PAIR). In other words, you can depict this app as the modern renewed version of Google Alerts Services that permits users to browse the web for and particular content as of their interest. It is the combination of machine learning methods and human joint ventures that help users exarch content for a specific topic.

users exarch content

Keen also give Suggestions as per your Interest

To access the Keen, you have to first sign-in with your running or active google account. Then, afterward, you need to enter a topic of interest that you want to search for. This could be associated with anything that you like the most and have the desire to learn about that more. Keen also provides you with the suggestions as per your search results or interest.

For instance, if you search for learning about programming or coding then Keen will automatically suggest you examples of coding, best books, and so on. Just tap on the suggestions and here you go your Keen is successfully formed. With all this, you’ll also find the pictures which are correlated with your web content that suited with your interests. For every search, Google used machine learning methods to explore more content linked with the given topic or interests. The more you join or add to a Keen and organized it the more you experience the better recommendations on every single second. At once, after the formation of Keen, you can customize it, in case you won’t like it and want to eradicate something which you don’t like you can do so.

Moreover, you can also add anything to your collections. You can also be able to share your collections with others directly. Keen will notifies you by mails you whenever anything new content is available over Keen’s network. The resulting accumulation could be either public or private and it all up to you what you choose. Keen also pursues your google search history just to get the taste of yours. It isn’t like Keen gets into your search history and shares it with others. Just to show you a great suggestions list Keen does so. Keen associated with relevant websites, products, events, and blogs.

Tech companies belives that connecting users with lot of amusing and helpful content will boost their engagement. Keen would be a great initiative of Human collaborators and machine learning methods. Well, this is a kind of automatic rendition of Pinterest. Thus, Unleash your passion and polish your skills more.