New Leaks of Google Pay Reveals Google Card to Rival Apple’s


Traditional banking is quite well problematic and irritating, also consumes more time. On the other hand, online banking is less time consuming and very relaxing. Online or digital banking can make your transactions fulfilled from anywhere without going to the bank with just a few moments. In the growing stream of digital banking, one of the well known and trusted app for digital banking is Google Pay.

Recently, some snapshots have revealed and it clearly says that Google is going to launch its physical and virtual debit card. Are you using Google Pay for Online Payment? Then, this write-up is very essential for you. Google’s opponent Apple had been released last year its virtual card i.e., “Apple Card”, now Google is overtaking its rival Apple by developing “Google Card”. Leaked screenshots of Google Pay reveals that now Google is producing its own virtual or smart debit card.

According to new leaks, Google is launching its virtual and smart debit card connected with Google Pay account. Google refers to this smart debit card as “Google Card”. Individuals can use this “Google Card” in a common way of online payment or also in stores.

If you’ve linked your chrome account to Google account then, it would automatically show this option on the chrome. Additionally, Google has also brought this update to an iOS version of chrome. However, the company has not revealed much information regarding the looking of Google Card in Chrome and when will it come.

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Google Card Push the Limits of Google in Financial Services

Google Card Push the Limits of Google in Financial Services

Earlier, Google tried the same venture with the Google Wallet Cards that was last from 2013 to 2016. Eventually, Google Wallet has been now replaced by Google Pay. Well, this update is a great step that will push the limits of Google in the growing age of online financial services and other revenue streams. As per leaks, the new card having a chip card on the Visa network and other networks also featured in it. The Google Card will appear in white color and will have a logo of associated banks and Google.

One of the crucial differences between the Google Card and another debit/credit card is you can combine and delete your financial transactions or services. With this new smart card, users will be able to check balance, send or receive money, track purchase orders, add money, and more. You can easily lock or block your card, in the case when it is lost or stolen.

User can lock their Google Pay account via PIN or Fingerprint. The physical version of the card can be used in the retail stores for payment, and the virtual version of Google Card can be also used for mobile payments via Bluetooth. Apart from everything, Google Card provides high security to your privacy or transactions. If your card is stolen or hacked by hacker then it allows you to re-set your virtual card number.  And in case, if they find that someone has tried to get unauthorized access to your account then, they automatically block all types of accesses to your account.

Additionally, Google is all set to give the high-competition to Apple. Apple had launched its Apple Card last year in August. Apple has updated its privacy settings last month and add more data to share with Goldman Sachs, this also raises the financial services. However, as of now, Google Pay is getting a great response and this upcoming update will raise the bar high surely.