Google Plans to Bring Windows Apps to Chromebooks


As of now, more individuals rely on technology than before. 2020 will always be remembered as a very tragic year. In 2020 when every second thing we hear that has proved to be bad news and only technology is a bond that is holding us together. The biggest tech champ Google is bringing Microsoft Office and Windows applications to Chromebook.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our ways of working have been changed very dynamically. These changes which would be recorded in five years have come up way faster. Cloud-based storage that can be portable or easily accessible is no longer in demand and many businesses are looking for a versatile way to perform their business. This proves that pandemic situations are revolutionizing and affecting the digital market in a good approach.

COVID-19 pandemic has given us a revolution for our ways of working. Human behaviors can not be calculated or anticipated. These changes are rapid and as well as slow until they happen. Remote Devices have reported a vast increase in demand because of this pandemic situation. People are working from their home instead of their office with the help of these devices.

This is the moment where IT can lead the business world. As every business organization implemented to do work from home in this pandemic situation. And it really doesn’t matter whether it is a big or small organization. Every size of business organizations has adopted working from home. Even working from home has proved to be more productive than working from the office. Companies have accelerated the workloads and usage of the cloud. As we are working from home we need to work remotely. So, Google is adding up more functionality to its Chromebook which lets you do work more effectively and accurately.

Digital transformation will enhance work quality and productivity. Organizations are taking a closer look at Chromebook. The features and advantages of Chrome OS are especially for business-crucial and helps us to achieve our business targets with more flexibility. If we see the sales growth over the past years then we have seen around 109% increment in the sales only in the US. Chromebooks are specially designed to provide you the ease of workflow.

Not only the businesses, but education authority and even normal customers have also shown their faith to Chromebooks. Late in May, a new upgrade had been dropped in the Chrome OS that lets you manage all your online activities very effectively and efficiently. The new upgrade has enhanced the content for Kids. A new upgrade lets you keep a deep insight into your Kid’s online activity. This is how Chrome OS has been upgrading its network to provide us better features constantly.

Chromebooks can now access Android and Windows Apps

Parallels Desktop is working to improve performance and enabling offline access for applications on Chromebook. It is a sudden and surprising move for chrome enterprises. But, it will be welcomed because of the popularity and goodwill of Chromebooks. This means that Chromebooks will be able to support Android and Windows Apps both.

Well, this new feature will available this year for Chrome enterprise customers. We believe that sudden change will take us to the new digital world and enhance the working experience that we’ve not experienced before. Apart from this, Google hasn’t provided any additional details regarding this parallels partnership yet. But, the company claims that they can reveal more information in the coming months.