Android Gets Google Screen Reader: Listen to the On-Screen Stories


Google, first unveiled Screen Reader for Android at CES 2020 in January. Now, after much anticipation, it has finally launched it for all Android devices across the globe. You can now not just read but also listen to blogs, stories, and articles on your Android device in the Screen Reader’s natural voice.

Unlike the other screen readers with an artificial voice, Google’s software reads the on-screen content aloud as if a natural person is narrating it. Apart from this, it also lets you listen to the content in over 42 different languages including Hindi and Spanish. Moreover, with its interpreter mode, you can also communicate in two languages.

The tool aims to make it easy for people to read blogs, articles, and stories without straining their eyes. Further, it also saves them from the trouble users face while listening to an artificial robotic voice for long hours.

Android users across the globe are eager to know how to use Google’s screen reader on their device. If you are also among them, simply open an article or blog and say “Hey Google, read it,” or “Hey Google, read this page.”

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