Huge Tech Firms are Reverting to George Floyd matter in a very diverse way


After the death of George Floyd, many big tech firms have come up to give support for the black community. But, now the question arises why are they supporting the black community now if they hadn’t supported similar cases like this, earlier. And even as of now they are also donating money for the same.

Big tech champs are why giving so much support to the case of custodial death of George Floyd as they have not responded with the same enthusiasm at the time of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ahmad Arbery. Many rich public figures of tech companies are supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement openly by giving public statements against racial injustice.

Many of the world’s biggest businesses are donating for the cause of racial injustice and supporting them directly. But six years earlier, where were these companies are when Eric Garner and Michael Brown were killed in the same way. At that time, these people were busy doing the ice-bucket challenge to raise funds for the ALS Association.

Black lives matter - Justice for George

Recently, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn have come-up to express support for the black community.

LinkedIn had organized the VC forum meeting for its employees to share their own thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. However, after some time the meeting had turned into the burning discussion. After that, the LinkedIn CEO had composed a letter to its employees.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has declared that he will donate around $10 million to those groups who are working on racial justice. Additionally, he also affirmed that Chan Zuckerberg, one of the largest funders has invested $40 million for several years to the organizations that are working on to defeat racial injustice.

Apart from this, a few days ago Facebook also released numerous tools and references to manage community conversations over its network. Facebook claims that this new tools and references will create a smooth and healthy conversation.

On 3 June, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had sent an email to its employees, and claiming to stand with the Black Community. And also committed to donating around $12 million to the organizations that are working to defeat the racial injustice.

On 11 June, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had declared to donate $100 million in the organizations that are work on to boost the racial justice and address equality. Tim Cook had also published a letter on “Racism”.

Tech Firms2020 Respone2014 Response
GoogleDonates $12 MillionNo responses
Apple Donates $100 MillionNo response except tweets
Twitter Donates $1 MillionExcept tweets, we couldn’t found anything
MicrosoftDonates $1.5 MillionNo responses
AmazonDonates $10 MillionNo responses

Are tech companies trying to hide their ignorance at the Death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner?

Now, the question arises where the sympathy of these companies had gone when Eric, a horticulturist at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation was killed by a policeman. At that time also #BlackLivesMatter movement had taken place. But, it hadn’t got as much attention as it is getting nowadays. These companies may not have supported this movement back in 2014 but these big players of tech genres like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn are giving so much support to this movement now in 2020. This support is necessary to end racial injustice and spread peace, and harmony among all humans in this world without acknowledging there cast, creed, religion, or skin color.