With iOS 14, Apple is getting a lot of new notions to make home screen most fascinating

Eventually, every iPhone user thought of having an amusing home screen with lots of widget stuff. But, it can’t be possible in real as iPhone’s home screen was too boring and limiting with having one grid of apps or folders. Even there were no widgets, moreover, the style of the icon is too odd and boring. But, iOS 14 brings a lot more new notions that can be able to give a completely new look to the home screen of the iPhone.

With the commencement of iOS 14, Apple has also brought a lot of new features to its devices. Additionally, with all this, it has brought a completely revamped version of the home screen with support for widgets.

The latest iOS update feature will give you more control over the home screen of the device. Although it doesn’t work out in hiding all the pages, yet partial can be done easily. As of now, perhaps a bug neglects that one necessary page standards and allows you to keep a clean and clear home screen on your iPhone.

Apple after introducing the third monotony of its developer beta iOS 14, released it for the public beta testers. Now, another bug has found in the latest update that is capable of hiding all the app pages on the iPhone and giving you dock, legacy widget page, and the app library. So, now you can easily get an App-Free home screen on your iPhone.

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iOS 14 home screen look

Steps to get an App-Free Home Screen on iPhone

To get an App-Free home screen on the iPhone, you need to follow these easy steps-

  • To jump into the Jiggle Mode, you have to tap and hold any app on the home screen.
  • Then, hit the bottom bar with the dots, that depicts the number of pages to enter the edit pages on the screen.
  • Now, here you will get to know that you can hide the pages but you haven’t been able to hide the last page. That means you have to run at least one page on your home screen.
  • Afterward, you require to tap on the checkboxes of both pages at the time, instead of tapping only one.
  • And at the moment you do this, your device might reboot by conferring the boot loop logo. Though, after a while, it will return back to normal.
  • Thus, you can have an App-Free and clean home screen on the iPhone.

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iOS 14 will upgrade all the stuff and will be in the same spot. The working functionality will remain unchanged. Along with this, a new section named “App Library” will be added. This will turn things a bit tricky or complicated, but at the same time arrived upon a good balance. Well, there are four leading ways that Apple is adding including App Library, Widget, App Clips, and Hiding pages, but significantly, none of them will be hindering the old way of accessing things, but all of them will surely give an all-new look to iPhone what it actually deserve to have.