iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard is now Available to order


Since the announcement, we were very desperate to use the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard and today along with the declaration of iPhone SE, Apple also reveals that it has started to take orders for iPad Pro’s Magical Keyboard. Now, what are you waiting for, hurry up and order your MAGICAL Keyboard to adventure the new trackpad support released in iPadOS 13.4.

Magic Keyboard fetches a whole new overall efficiency and changeability to iPad Pro and offers a wide and compassionate typing experience. Magical Keyboard can easily be connected magnetically with the iPad Pro.  Its compatible design includes a comprehensive-size keyboard with having in-built backlit keys and scissor networks. This scissor network is used to conveys 1mm travel and gives comprehensive writing adventure.

As far as a security concern, whenever you connect Magic Keyboard with iPad Pro, then iPad Pro automatically disconnects microphones. Enjoy the full benefits of different adventures of writing via Magic Keyboard. TrackPad’s multi-touch indications help users to navigate the whole system quickly without moving hands or fingers. New Magical Keyboard will take you on a thrilling writing adventure.

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full-size keyboard with backlit keys

In a newsroom company said, “The portable design features a full-size keyboard with backlit keys and a scissor mechanism that delivers 1mm travel, offering a comfortable and responsive typing experience, whether working on a lap or on a desk. The click-anywhere trackpad of Magic Keyboard complements the touch-first design of the iPad for fluid navigation, easy cursor control, and precise adjustments. With USB-C pass-through charging, Magic Keyboard keeps the USB-C port on iPad Pro free for accessories, including external drives and displays.”

Compatible with previous generation models of iPad Pro

The latest magic keyboard is flexibly well-designed and pushing limits too. It is highly compatible with previous models of iPad Pro. Rather than Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboards are also the intensively advanced accessories for iPad Pro, which gives an eternal writing experience.

Its LiDAR Scanner, ace camera, ace audio, and ace video makes your work very effective. iPadOS is designed with trackpad Support only for making iPad users work easier and limitless with all keynote apps that used in day-to-day life. Its working objects makes your work easier by organizing and maintaining multiple files and spreadsheets effortlessly.

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iPad pro magic keyboard looks

New iPad Pro raises all the bars high and pushing the limits. The pricing of the new magic keyboard for iPad Pro is just $299, for 12.9 inch iPad Pro is $349. In India, the iPad Pro is available at the starting price of 27,900. The magic keyboard will start arriving from next week to customers and also available to the selective Apple store from next week. You can order the new magic keyboard from apple.com.