iPhone 12 will have a long way to come:- Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri


Users who are waiting for buying new iPhones will have to wait for a longer while than they did the previous year. During the call of Apple’s Q3 2020 earnings, Apple CFO Luca Maestri affirmed that the launch of new iPhones will be somewhat later than normal. Well, this is a quite unique affirmation and recognition in terms of Apple’s part setbacks.

After the arrival of the iPhone 11 series, a much-awaited iPhone 12 has got the public eye. Users are desperately waiting for iPhone 12 models, for those, their wait could be a little longer than usual. As recently, some reports hinted that new iPhones will be releasing after a long pause than normal.

The new timeline of the products will bring something more magnanimous than ever and completely refreshing products. However, it is not for the first time when the iPhone’s release to be postponed. Earlier in 2017, Apple’s iPhone X was not launched on its release date November. The company often launches iPhones on a different release flow than declared ones.

apple iphone models blending 5G network support

Apple will Launch New Models Blending 5G Network Support

It is expecting that Apple is gearing up to launch numerous models this year with blending 5G network support. On Thursday, that means yesterday Apple has shared quarterly profits outcomes from the third-quarter. And it crushed Wall Street hopes, by producing a profit of $59.69 billion. Moreover, it is constantly growing up 11% year-over-year.

The pandemic phase couldn’t hit Apple’s share cost or profit growth. However, this pushes the release of new iPhone models. This year it is assuming that Apple will launch four iPhone models in the iPhone 12 series.

In early May, some bits about iPhone 12 were revealed by Jonas Daehernt on both Instagram and Twitter. Those leaks were suggested that iPhone 12 will be bringing all new flagships that anyone can’t think of. It could be the most attractive and stylish phone ever. The display design of the iPhone 12 completely changed from the other iPhone. And in terms of cameras stream, iPhone 12 could be the game-changer because it has equipped with four cameras at back. It might be because of the race in the camera section, jokes apart, iPhone 12 will set new standards of photography.

iPhone 12 will give you more than expected, which means iPhone 12 has 5G network support. Though, iPhone 12 is the first smartphone that comes up with 5G networking support. And earlier this report, it has been expected that iPhone 12 would be released in the month of September this year because iPhone 11 was also released in the month of September last year. But, now reports have revealed that there is a big break in the release of the iPhone 12, by hearing this iPhone admirer will get really upset. For iPhone 12, you have to wait for a long haul. Till then, stay tuned with us to get latest tech releases.