LG’s New Smartphone Will be called as “WING”


Chinese mobile companies have been ruling the smartphones realm since many eons. But, now after the ban of numerous Chinese mobile applications in India, this is an ideal chance for the Indian or other nations companies to prove themselves. Thus, LG takes the moment as the boom and comes with its all-new advanced smartphone by claiming that the new smartphone will give you the all-new amusing experience which can’t be matched up with any other conventional smartphone.

LG has affirmed the name of its forthcoming smartphone, and it will be called Wing. Complete information about this smartphone will be unveiled at its launching event on 14th September. It is supposed that the device will have two screens in a swirling design as the latest teaser video revealed.

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Before the official launch, the latest teaser video gives a glimpse of LG’s new powerful smartphone WING. Moreover, the upcoming smartphone will support 5G connectivity, and also have a triple-rear camera design, including 64 megapixels for the main sensor. The new device will have Snapdragon 7 series processor. The new teaser video hinted that the device is designed in a swirl form which seems like that the screen turns into a T shape.

The upcoming smartphone will be LG’s first product supporting its Explorer Project. The company releases its new mobile category named as Explorer Project and said this discloses the new methodologies or approaches to interact with smartphones. In addition to this, the company claims that Wing will bring a new and diverse form and mobile experience.

LGs new smartphone

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THIS Will Be the Date and Time of the Launching Event

LG’s new smartphone will be launched at the virtual event or live stream which will be held on 14th September at 10 AM ET. And the live stream will be on-air on the official YouTube channel of LG.

Apart from this, the company claims that the upcoming venture would surely give the most powerful yet fascinating mobile experience in every possible stream including gaming, photography, and many more. Looking really forward to LG’s new upcoming device WING because it is a great opportunity for LG to set new standards and benchmarks in the mobile device category.