LinkedIn Hosted Meeting Turned into a Burning Debate


Racism is one of the biggest problems in this world. Because of racism many assaults and lynchings happen al around the world. Racism is very harmful and bad for our society and civilization. LinkedIn organized a VC forum to discuss the matter of George Floyd’s. But, the forum filled with hatred and racism as employees disclosed their inner feelings about the incident. This forum was organized to eradicate Racism from their country but results in defending racism. LinkedIn had to bear humiliation because of employees.

This incident at LinkedIn just happens when digital market dominators like Amazon and Google are supporting openly the “Black lives matter” movement. LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky sent out a note to their employees concerned about the hateful comments in Q&A. An employee posts comment such as “the whole scenario is suggesting to us that we should be guilty that our skin color is white”.

Another employee commented, “black people are killed by black people 50 times more than they are killed by white peoples”. The same day an employee commented following an employee from Fiji that “it is not just a ‘white’ problem”. An employee told that there are 48% of employees at an organization and they are all white. LinkedIn has to bear insult because of their employees. The comments were first disclosed by The Daily Beast.

Daily Beast comment

Additionally, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky stated, “with this forum meeting we’ve come to know that there are a lot of regional differences between all of us. We will do the work to create real anti-racist culture. We all are responsible for this world’s biggest problem. And being the biggest social media platform it is our responsibility to advise some hurdles and illiterate peoples who spread this type of negativity in society. And we will surely give some advice to those uneducated peoples. He ended-up by stating that he needs support from every people to create an anti-racist culture and bring monotony in the future.” If anyone doesn’t know the actual incident that was happened, then, don’t worry, read this brutal incident right here.

All these scenarios have taken place because of the death of George Floyd by a police officer. The police caught George in an accusation of theft and put his throat under his knees. George was ready to surrender but the police officer kept on pressurizing his neck with his knees. George was telling the officer that he couldn’t breathe and he is requesting an officer to remove his knees from his neck.

The people started surrounding the scene and telling the officer that he should let go of George’s neck. But, in the end, he died. (As shown in the video shot by a person in a crowd). That’s why the whole incident goes viral and #BlackLivesMatter goes viral. The whole world participated in this protest by posting their views on the incident. Racism must be destroyed or it will destroy us completely.