Linkin Park Filed Copyright Complaint, Twitter eliminate Trump’s retweet


One more wicket down in the match of Twitter VS Trump. Due to copyright policies, Twitter once again pulled down President Trump’s retweet. Twitter has pulled down a video that was retweeted by Trump and based on campaign-style. The reason behind taking off the video is – copyright issues. Linkin Park filed the complaint against it and claimed that this did an unauthorized utilization of their music.

The video which has pulled down contains Linkin Park’s 2001 superhit track “In the end” as a piece of background music and which incorporated pictures of President Donald Trump, moreover, a part of his inauguration speech as well. As per the copyright policy, Twitter did so.  On Saturday, the band tweeted that, ” cease and desist order has been issued and it wasn’t an authorize use of the song in the video”.

Cheif of the team for conferences of White House, Dan Scavino tweeted the video on Friday evening, and then, later on, Saturday President Donald Trump retweeted it. But, unfortunately, the retweeted video wasn’t longer noticeable on President Trump’s wall. However, Dan Savisco’s video was still live until Sunday morning. But, as of now, the video from Dan Savisco’s news feed has also been taken off.

President Trump called this removal action illegal

Twitter has taken Action over Trump’s Tweet Before This

However, it is not the first move of twitter against President Trump’s tweets over a copyright charge. Twitter had taken off the four-minute longer video last month that contained pictures of George Floyd, the man who took his last breath on May 25th after a cop killed him by kneeling on his neck. Even, Facebook and Instagram eliminated posts from their platforms as well. Here, you’ll get every bit related to George Floyd’s custodial death.

Though President Trump called this removal action illegal, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reacted and said, it is under copyright policy, and it’s not illegal. Like these, Twitter has taken many other actions regarding Trump’s tweet over many matters. President Trump has had tweeted in early May which was taken down by twitter because it violated twitter’s policy. And later on June, Trump’s tweet marked media as manipulated that featured doctored video had also taken off. Similarly, Trump has had numerous tweets rundown that has been taken down by twitter. It seems like that this now becomes Trump VS Twitter. No idea, how will it goes. But, most of the time President Trump does post something that is against the terms and conditions or over privacy policy. This step taken by Twitter has put an adverse effect on Trump’s election campaign for US President.