Messenger’s Debut on Big Screens, Offer Endless Free Group Video Chat


The impact of coronavirus is clearly visible everywhere all over the world. Italy, Spain, America such as developed and high-tech countries are fighting against COVID-19 but they failed to control the epidemic until now. Every organization has taken various initiatives to help people in many ways. But Facebook is the only organization that continuously stepped up to help people in all possible ways. Facebook just launched the new version of messenger application that you can access from your desktop. And it also offers limitless, endless group video chats.

Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, we saw the 100% use of technology in individuals which they are utilizing for their work and also utilize to stay connected with their loved ones across the world. Now, the messenger is also coming with its best new desktop application that includes free and unlimited video calls.

Today, Messenger releases a new desktop app for group video calls and chats. Now you can always stay connected with your loved ones across the world by using this desktop app. Messenger releases its new desktop app for both Windows and macOS. The new application matches up calls across gadgets, flaunts endless free video and conference calls, and supports GIFs and notifications. It likewise comes in Dark Mode in case you’re a charcoal palette addict. You can easily install the desktop version from the Microsoft Store and Mac App Store.

Boost-up the Quality of Group Video Chats

messenger endless windows and macOS

Messenger’s new desktop application will enhance your quality of group video chats. It includes amazing features and these are:-

  • It is very easy to connect as there is no requirement of email and phone number, you may directly connect because every Facebook user has a messenger.
  • It pop-ups every single notification on your desktop, from a new message to warning notifications.
  • It syncs all your chats across mobile or desktop, so you can never miss any call and message.
  • It also includes the dark mode and GIF feature.
  • It performs multiple tasks, your visits are effectively open, and you can in and out the application while doing different things on your PC.

Messengers Competition with Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom

Messenger is the most notable application, though it will have to face competition with well-known platforms like Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. As of now, Zoom, Skype are ruiling the world of online meeting platforms. And presently Zoom is the most popular progam because it offers great security to its users. While I question it will have the same business applications, like say,  Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it’s, at any rate, an option for individual video chats. Given that Zoom is in peril, best case scenario due to its security (or deficiency in that department), it wouldn’t shock me if some are heading off to an increasingly commonplace application like Messenger, regardless of whether it’s no more secure.

Well, this will reveal in the latter few days who won the rivalry. Till then, launch the desktop version of messenger on your workstations. Host a virtual meeting and enjoy your happy hour, stay connected with your closed and loved ones all over the world.