Microsoft all Set to Kick off the Next-Gen Xbox in November


The past few months have offered a little bit of information about Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox series X. Many assumptions have been made about the Xbox console but, until what didn’t reveal as of now is when it would roll out. So, today Microsoft has cleared all the clouds and said it will hit the door in November.  

Biggest tech giant Microsoft is all set to pull off the curtains over the Xbox series X in November. Previously, the company had only affirmed an unclear “holiday 2020” for launch the Xbox series X, but now at least we know the month. However, Microsoft hasn’t revealed a particular date yet. But, from the recent sources, we’ve assumed that the first week of November would be the time of the launch of much-awaited next-gen Xbox console. 

Of course, there is the chance that the launch date could slip further into November due to the pandemic phase. Today, along with the release date of the Xbox Series X, 343 industries and Microsoft have made a hard decision to pause Halo Infinite until 2021. Studio Head for Halo Infinite, Chris Lee said, “the decision to pause Halo Infinite due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.” Though, earlier, Microsoft had been preparing to launch Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite together this fall. 

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Microsoft all set to kick off the next-gen Xbox in November

Halo Infinite is on Hold Until 2021  

The absence of Halo Infinite does mean that there is no huge call for the launch of Xbox Series X. So, Microsoft is opting to call attention on Xbox Game Pass along with the more than 50 new advanced games that are releasing this year. 40 present games will be optimized for Xbox Series X. 

Existent retrograde games over Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will also work on the Xbox Series X. Presently, our ears are just waiting to hear the official release date of the Xbox Series X, and when individuals can be able to pre-order the console.