Microsoft is bringing its Cloud Gaming Service – Know the release date and Price

Microsoft is prepping up to launch its cloud gaming service, which is presently known as Project xCloud and coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September. This new service will permit Xbox players to play games on smartphones.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play the game on their mobile devices in early September. Along with playing, Xbox players will be able to resume or start a game on their gaming console, phone, and tablet. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate consolidates with Xbox Live access.

Subscription for Xbox Game Pass will start in September, and to streaming xCloud game, you have to pay $14.99 as a monthly subscription. To access the xCloud streaming service at dispatch, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the only way. However, it won’t remain limited always to Microsft’s top-lever subscription range.

When everyone is waiting for reaching xCloud gaming service in September through their mobile phones or tablets. Microsoft isn’t revealed yet which devices will be compatible off. However, the company has been included in open-ending talks with Apple related to App Store policies and stopped the company from testing the xCloud on the same features that Android devices have. Microsoft has begun the testing procedure over iOS devices, earlier this year, although the test has been restricted to a sole game Halo.

So far before the launch of Project xCloud, Microsoft is hoping that this will take the game streaming service to another bar, and set the new standard benchmarks for game streaming.

Xbox One S Blades

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Xbox One S Blades are using to Stream Xbox Games via xCloud

Microsoft is ensuring that you will be able to play more than 100 Xbox Game Pass powers on your tablet and smartphone after the launch of streaming service. However, Microsoft hasn’t reported yet which countries will be in, at launch. As of now, the company is creating its Azure data hubs all over the US and some regions of Europe as well.  To stream Xbox games via xCloud it is using the Xbox One S blades.

The company is thinking to use the xCloud as a channel for empowering individuals to instantly give a kick to Xbox games. And it could be just to log-in into an Xbox console and watching a friend while playing a game, afterward instantly joining in the game before your complete download has finished. The aiming is only to able you to stream any game in the future through xCloud which you have been seeing on any device or web browser. These xCloud aspirations enunciate similar to what Google has assured us with Stadia.

Google’s big prep is to exploit YouTube to permit individuals to get into the game directly. However, it hasn’t emerged yet, but, in the future, it will be an utmost crucial part of xCloud and Stadia as well. Moreover, Microsoft will update these servers in 2021 to Xbox Series X hardware. It is expecting that we will get more details related to xCloud in August. Thus, September will be coming with a lot more excitings and will imprint the huge move from Microsoft’s to reach billions of high-profile gamers across the world.