Microsoft brings Parental Control over PCs, Phones, and Xbox

Microsoft family has brought new parental control apps to help parents to capture every bit of their kids. Today, Microsoft is launching the Family Safety app globally on both platforms iOS and Android.

Smartphones have become the utmost crucial part of our lives. And having a smartphone without the internet is not possible at all. Without the internet, nothing seems could be possible. Presently, when due to the pandemic, the education system also turned online, kids spend most of the time on their phones. This is a centric point for parents to maintain the use of screen time of their kids.

So, here comes the Family Safety app from Microsoft’s family to help parents better understand the children’s use of screen time. With the help of this parental control app, parents would be able to set the limits, track the location of family members, create a boundary over the web, and alone with all this, parents would be able to schedule the screen time for kids as well.

Family Safety app

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App Directly Competes with other Parental Control Apps

Up till now before the arrival of Microsoft’s Family Safety app, Google’s Family Link app is the standalone app. But, now it is speculating that the Family Safety app directly competing with Google’s Family Link app and set new sort of standards of parental control technology. Prominently, this works well for those who have bought Microsoft’s products and services already.

For instance, Windows 10, and Xbox devices. Like other numerous safety apps, Microsoft’s Family Safety app displays a complete activity log on how children using screen time. And on all the platforms including phones, PCs, and Xbox devices Family Safety app is accessible. Additionally, a weekly report of the activity log would be emailed to parents and kids with the hope of promoting healthy use of screen time.

This app will also allow parents to set limits and block inappropriate or mature content. As in this pandemic time, after taking the online classes, kids spend their time playing games, so for this as well, parents would be able to control the use of screen time. And with the Family Safety app, parents could be able to keep a deep eye on every activity of their children over the web.

Microsoft continuously working on serving its users best-ever experience. From the past weeks, Microsoft’s family constantly making new updates including boosting cloud gaming services and suggesting innovative ways to partners to serve the best to customers. COVID-19 phishing activities were continuously happening on a massive scale and steal users’ data or personal information. To stop this, Microsoft had also taken legal action in early July. Now, this another update of Microsoft would help many parents to control the online activity of their kid properly. Really looking forward to the new ventures of the tech giant. Until the new update coming, stay tuned with us to get every latest tech release, and don’t forget to follow us on social media.