Microsoft’s Digital Next-Gen Xbox Series S Will Be Coming On this Date!


Finally! Microsoft broke the release date and the price of its much-awaited next-gen gaming console Xbox Series S. But, not disclosed the release date and price of Xbox Series X yet. So, Microsoft has released the official launch trailer of its Xbox Series S on its official Xbox Twitter handle.

The rumored next-gen video game console of Microsoft has actually got the release date and price. And, the official launch trailer suggests that the Xbox Series S will be releasing on November 10. However, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X still not get the release date and price. But, it is being assumed that the Xbox Series X will also release alongside the Series S or might be around it.

Initially, the information about the Series S leaked by the Walking Cat and Brad Sams on Twitter late Monday. Thereafter, the Xbox official account made the big announcement. Xbox Series S is the all-new digital next-gen gaming console that offers faster load times, higher frame rates, next-gen gaming performance, more real-time worlds, and many more. Moreover, it also holds DirectX ray tracing.

The high-tech digital gaming console’s core graphics update for the new-gen of hardware, and compatible with up to 1440p resolutions (4K rendering) with the capability to nutcase out higher fps on displays. However, there is no disc drive found but detect 512GB compact driver which permits for a way faster loading times in games.

Next-Gen Xbox Series S

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Woe! This Will Be the Price Of Next-Gen Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is quite a strip off, less-well performed a variant of Series X, not offers actual 4K rendering, and with a pack of less processing vigor. But, it looks like it would still be capable of playing next-gen games, though seemingly less tellingly. When it comes to the pricing of the Xbox Series S, then it will be priced at $299.

Well, it is an odd choice to make the Xbox Series S’s fairly large molding black despite of white just to match up with the rest of the console. Just similar to the past Xbox consoles, it looks like that the Xbox Series S will run either stood up or flat. Set this console flat, and it seems like you could make yourself a great hotpot. Just stand it aloft and it seems like you are organizing a run through.

The releases of both digital next-gen gaming console Xbox and PS5 from Sony have been notably dragged out across the huge splash campaigns, and the stuff related to availability and pre-orders are still not revealed yet. This grows much disappointed in the mind of gaming fans. But, luckily, at least now we know that the Xbox Series S will be launching on November 10.

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