Microsoft Inspire 2020 – Innovative ways to help partners to serve the BEST to customers


Yesterday, Microsoft Inspire has made numerous declarations Dynamics 365, and prominently incorporating Dynamics 365 Customer Voice tool. Customer Voice is a real-time tool where customer can give their feedback.

This customer voice real-time feedback tool could give tough competition to Qualtrics, this was acquired by the company SAP in 2018 around $8 billion. General Manager of Microsoft, Brenda Bown stated, that during this epidemic phase individuals’ approach for online has been constantly increasing.

So, now it is more crucial to take real-time customer feedback by so you can blend with other distinct data to create a better panorama of the customer. Apparently, this will head to more breakthrough interplays in the future. The data will share with Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP) and mounted on the top of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Co-Founder at CRM Essentials, Brent Leary says, this will fix the issue of receiving the feedback accurately on time because intercommunication is occurring. He added into this and says, sharing data directly with the CDP presents it even more relevant and worthwhile manner.

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Dynamics 365 Connected Store to Manage in-Store & Curbside Traffic

The customer voice tool later provides a more customized way to befitted with the requirements of a specific company. Along with this, the organization declared the Dynamics 365 Connected Store. Dynamics 365 Connected Store is a set of resources and tools which is specially designed to assist stores manage the in-store and traffic on other things as well. Because in this Corona period, the rule allows only a limited number of people will go inside the store at a time.

So, at this pandemic time, the Connected Store could be a help to store managers to understand and handle the number of people within the store and maintaining social distancing as well. And this will also prompt the employee that when customers come to take the order this will enhance the accuracy ratio of pick up and also manages social distancing. Apparently, this outline is way crucial nowadays because as a preventive measure most of the individuals are wanting contactless pickup. With all this, the company has also launched the Fraud Protection tool. At lastly, now you have a tool that can protect you from online fraud activities. New enhancements will protect and help you in this pandemic phase to no limit.

Inspire is Microsoft’s annual partner conference, which is being conducted online presently due to pandemic. Bown says, by conducting it virtually, the company can include more companions than a regular conference. Because those companies who want to take part in this conference but distance and cost stops them to do so can now easily attend this virtual conference. Prior to this, Microsoft has also brought its cloud gaming streaming service to fascinate more gamers around the world. You can read in-depth about this here.

Really looking forward to seeing the innovative ways of Microsoft to build an even better environment for partners, so they could be able to serve the best to their customers and also deal with their business in this changing working environment.