Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox is Not a Secret Anymore


Gamers across the world were eagerly waiting to know what the new Next-Gen Xbox will be called and when it will come to the marketplace. Ending all the speculations, recently some leaked pictures showed that the second, low priced Xbox is named Xbox Series S and the company is planning to release it this month.

A Redditor got access to the new Next-Gen Xbox Controller, the packaging of which revealed that Microsoft is calling the cheaper gaming console as Xbox Series S. And, Lockhart will be its codename. Moreover, the package also highlighted that the new controller will support Xbox Series S, Series X, Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox One device. This means that the powerful gaming console Xbox Series X is also around the corner. Taking about the specifications of the much-awaited Xbox Series S, below is what you can expect from it.

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A Glimpse of the Features of Microsoft Xbox Series S

The feature set of Microsoft Xbox Series S seems a whole lot promising. Even though it is a low priced gaming console, still it packs some of the most powerful features such as 7.5 GB RAM, 4 GPU performance teraflops, a power-packed CPU same as that of Xbox Series X, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee. A lot is not yet known about the specifications of Xbox Series X. But, Microsoft will be releasing both these gaming consoles around the same time.

Now, a question that comes up is are these leaks believable. Well, the Next-Gen Xbox Controller that revealed the name of cheaper gaming console was recently purchased by a Twitterati. And, the purchase is a genuine one. Hence, the leaked information about the gaming console is true.

Talking about the release of Xbox Series S, Microsoft will launch it by the end of this month alongside a relatively powerful gaming console Xbox Series X. Then, we will get a deeper insight into what these two gaming consoles have in the store for users. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates and happenings in the tech world.