Microsoft is planning for acquiring TikTok – All that you need to know!


Microsoft-TikTok acquisition talks have been going through a lot of drama, and tantrums. Early this weekend, some reports have leaked revealed that Microsoft is gearing up to acquire TikTok. And till September 15th Microsoft will acquire TikTok.

Two days back, Microsoft had posted on its official blog post, in which it affirms that they will continue the ongoing discussions over the acquisition of TikTok. And, addition to this, the company also stated that they invite many US investors to deal. The company confirms that this is an outcome of the discussion between CEO Satya Nadela and President Donald Trump. As of now, the mobile video app TikTok is owned by Chinese organization ByteDance.

The acquisition would reach in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. And this TikTok reach will result in holding the bar always high in those markets. This will also help Microsoft to control and operate in those regions. However, this acquisition wouldn’t leave any sort of impact in India. As because of the privacy and security issues TikTok and other 59 Chinese apps have got banned in India. And India could be the best region that can offer both the companies the best opportunities to grow. If this deal goes forward, then probably Microsoft itself as a director of TikTok could be able to eliminate the risk of data leaking. And only if there are no national-tensions between India and China.

Microsoft is planning for acquiring TikTok

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The acquisition is Totally in the Hands of the White House

The conversation is on board between Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and President Donald Trump, so it is clear that the complete decision in the hands of the White House or President Donald Trump. However, President Donald Trump stated that he is not opposing the thought of acquiring TikTok.

TikTok which is a Chinese app maybe can change into an American app after Microsoft deal. Microsoft is all ready and set to buy TikTok but waiting for the approval of US President Donald Trump and the US government. TikTok which is infamous for the privacy protection of its users but Microsoft has said that privacy will not be an issue after the deal because it is going to be taken care of.

Undoubtedly, data and privacy security is the utmost concern of every user. Microsoft ensuring that the new operating model for the service would be created to guarantee the clarity to users. The company would also assure the users that after transferring the data, outside servers from the country couldn’t be able to access the data. That means the data gets automatically deleted from the outside servers of the country once it is shared. Microsoft is waiting for the government’s decision. And where Trump is busy making fun itself on Twitter. Anyways, now we have reached out to the end, to get a deep insight into the Microsoft-TikTok acquisition, stay tuned with us.