Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cortana Goes Artificially Intelligent

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cortana Goes Artificially Intelligent

Earlier, Microsoft transformed the way of working with an AI-based Microsoft 365 app. Now, it is all set to revolutionize how people use Cortana with the infusion of this revolutionary technology.

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the AI-equipped revamped Cortana for all the Windows 10 users by spring. The use of artificial intelligence makes Cortana an even more productive tool to search for everything you want.

With the updated Cortana, finding settings and options won’t feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. You simply need to type or use the voice command to specify what you need and Cortana brings it on the screen magically.

However, AI is not the only exciting thing about the new Windows 10 Cortana. It also comes equipped with an interesting chat-based UI that lets you interact with Cortana better.  Apart from this, it’ll let you search on Bing, set alarms, open apps, spread smiles with jokes as always.

The only features some of the users might miss in the revamped Cortana are consumer skills such as music and connected homes.

But, not everyone will get the chance to experience the artificially intelligent Cortana. In an attempt to encourage people to switch to Windows 10 Microsoft explicitly excludes a few users form Cortana Update.

Will All the Users Get the Updated Windows 10 Cortana?

Unfortunately no, Microsoft decides to end the Cortana support for all the previous Windows versions. The updated Cortana will only be available for Windows 10. Thus, if you have an older Windows version, then update it to Windows 10.

Further, Microsoft Launcher users will also not be able to use the Cortona services by the end of April.

Run to update your OS if you haven’t already and get ready to experience the artificially intelligent and more powerful Cortana.

Microsoft keeps on updating its offerings. Thus, stay tuned with us to know what it comes up with next.