New Design of N95 Mask would capably unlock Face ID without removing the Mask


Recently, some reports have had suggested that peoples are struggling while unlocking the phone via Face ID as their half of the face is covered with the mask. And we all know how much the mask is crucial for everyone during the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, well-known for wearable gadgets Chinese tech company Huami has declared that they are working on the special kind of mask that would be able to unlock the Face ID even with a mask.

Coronavirus outburst is rapidly spreading all over the world and the vaccine for this has yet not discovered. To stop the spread of deadly virus many preventive measures like the mask, social distancing, sanitizing frequently, and so forth are the only way to overcome this.

Recently, many reports had suggested that users are facing problems while unlocking the phone via Face ID because of masks. Hence, a Chinese well-known tech organization Huami is working on designing the special N95 mask with the latest technology algorithms that would be capable to unlock the phone via Face ID even with a mask. This new mask will be capable of filtering tiny air particles, face recognition, disinfect itself, and more.

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Amazfit Aeri Masks can unlock the phone via Face ID

Many governments, organizations made masks compulsory all the time. Moreover, US airlines have declared that they will make masks mandatory on the flights, airport. For the new form, masks are very essential for everyone that will keep us secure all the time. Peoples are using normal clothing masks as there is a lack of N95 masks. To get rid of the shortage problem of masks Huami has stated that they would come up with the special N95 masks at the end of this year to give the peoples the best N95 masks. This Amazfit Aeri masks have various in-built features that will help users in every possible way. Because as we all know, masks are the one effective preventive measure to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

One of the best features of this mask is – disinfect itself. That means, it has supported type C port for charging, by the plug-in for a few minutes it will be able to disinfect or clean itself. This special masks would be designed with anti-fog equipment to recognize your facial features for unlocking the phone via Face ID. Amazfit Aeri‘s mask is being specially designed for those who are facing problems while unlocking the phone with the masks. This mask will permit the users to open or unlock their phones via Face ID even with a mask.

unlocking the phone via Face ID

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However, these masks can help people but also have many drawbacks like a problem while unlocking phones via Face Id, need regular washing, incapable to filter tiny air particles, and many more. Therefore, Huami takes all the responsibility of this and designed Amazfit Aeri Masks to resolve all these problems. The company is still working on it and release it as soon as possible.

As per price perspectives, Huami’s spokesperson has stated that they will keep it at a reasonable price so that anyone can easily afford this. The rest of the other products of Amazfit also has at an affordable price. The Amazfit’s smartwatch has priced at $80 which is very less when it comes to comparison of other companies’ smartwatches like Apple, Samsung, and so on. This new Amazfit Aeri masks can be a game-changer for the company.