New Google Chromecast will come-up with Remote Control


Nowadays, when we’ve nothing important to do, most of us pass our time by watching online web-series on various streaming platforms. And this is the only reason, why all the streaming platforms are experiencing the massive jump on the popularity and productivity of their apps.  Streaming devices or gadgets also play a vital role to enhance the streaming experience. You’ve been already familiar with the Google Chromecast streaming devices. But, today you will get more than enough about the Google Chromecast. Hence, keep engaging with us to know more!

Leaks have been doing rounds from the starting of this year that new Google Chromecast has an in-built Android TV and a remote. And today, some new pictures have been leaked and confirm those rumors. Some pictures have been leaked and corroborate to the rumors that the new Google Chromecast will have a remote and built-in Android TV. The pictures have been leaked by XDA recognized developer and claimed that Google is planning to release a new streaming tool this summer season.

Earlier, it was expected that the new device will come just like earlier ones but now new renders indicating something different. That means, now it is expecting that the new devices will come-up with remote control. As per pictures leak suggests, a new Google streaming dongle might have the oblong shape. Pictures revealed that the device has a trio of colors – peach, white, and black.

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Google might be upgrading the power of Dolby’s Format

XDA developers won’t reveal any information regarding the specs of the device. Though, it has been discovering that the new device will be run an Amlogic SoC which is compatible with Dolby player vision playback. Google Chromecast Ultra highly-programmed that supports 4K HDR10 streaming functionality. So, it has been assumed that now Google can boost the most powerful Dolby’s format. The remote can let you control the volume of the TV with the in-pack control.

The new remote-design also reveals that remote has a Google Assistant button that means it has a plug-in microphone also. However, all the assumptions XDA has made is based on the video that was created in October 2019 that has been too old as of now. With this, XDA also made clear their side by stating that, “Google might change the design, this is not the final consequence.”

Pricing and Release Date

As far as its price point of view, well, it is so early to predict the price of a new Google streaming dongle. But, fortunately, Google has been always way clear and straight forward regarding its Chromecast product’s price and release date. If we have look through the last released Chromecast products then, we’ll find out that the last releases had happened in the month of September, October, and November.

So, with this guesswork, we can predict that the new Google Chromecast would be out in the month of September, October, and November. All the previous Chromecast products priced at under $100. Thus, this new Google Chromecast product must be priced at $80. The new Google Chromecast streaming device will give the competition to Roku Streaming Stick Plus and Amazon Fire Stick Plus. As we all know, how immensely COVID-19 is being spread all over the world? Due to COVID-19, Google had also canceled its IO event. So, it has been really very unpleasant to predict any further move of Google. Until now, what we’ve done is based on the leaks and reports only. Stay Tuned with us to get the final design or update about the same.