New OS update enables COVID-19 Tool in the Phone’s Settings


The spread of COVID-19 massively increasing as the day passes. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine has been developed for cure yet. The only preventive measure which can save us from this deadly virus is – Social Distancing, Mask, and often Sanitizing.

With all this, many organizations have also come up to give their support to stop the spread of COVID-19 by developing various contact tracing technologies. Now, as per the new source suggests that new OS update is bringing the wholly-new COVID-19 tracing tool in the settings of smartphones. This new update will appears for both smartphones i.e., Android and iPhone. New COVID-19 tracing tool is based on Bluetooth technology and runs in the background.

It displays as exposure notification name in the phone’s settings and disabled by default, you need to enable it for tracing. It is not like a COVID-19 contact tracing app. New COVID-19 tracing technology is a tool that comes in your phone’s settings by default and notifies you whenever you’ve come in the contact of any positive tested people.

covid19 notification

This tool turning on the app to run in the background and notifies the users, whenever they have come across in the contact of any infested individual. By enabling the app, this computes the distance between the two devices and then warn the users, if someone came later positive for the COVID-19 tests. So, the user can quarantine itself to break the chain of COVID-19.  iPhone users can find this in the phone’s Settings, then Privacy Menu, and afterward on a health sub-section.

Whereas Android users can get this on Google’s services and preferences section on the settings menu. However, it does not compatible with COVID Symptom Study App which has been installed by around 3M times. Although, this tool is the sub-part of the collaboration of two big tech champs i.e., Apple and iPhone. NHS developers had created a COVID-19 tracing tool and tested it on the Isle of Wight but the UK is preparing to consolidate the tool which is developed by Apple and Google.

After observing the increased graph of coronavirus in the US, and other countries as well. In mid-April, two big foes have shaken their hands to build the COVID-19 contact tracing tool. Google and Apple have decided to work together to create a tool that will help public authorities, medical officials to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Now, it is being assumed that this new by default COVID-19 tool which comes in the smartphone system settings is the part of that collaboration.

bydefault COVID-19 tool in google and android phone

Prior to this, Google and Apple both shown their efforts in this pandemic time to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Apple had made updates to its SIRI to aware the users about Coronavirus symptoms. SIRI asks the set of questions to users, for accurate health consequences users need to answer each question correctly. And, then SIRI tells them about their health status and if the risk is high then SIRI suggests the user take medical help or stay isolated.

The graph of the coronavirus is increasing all over the world. Even, in India, the Corona positive patients will cross the 4,00,000 mark soon which is a very dangerous sign. But, the recovery rate of India is around 50% which is also a very good indication at the same time. Sadly, we don’t have any medicines or cure for this virus yet. So, to break the chain of COVID-19 we must stay at home, stay isolated, and stay safe. To know more innovative tech shouts stayed tuned with TechShouters.