New Tool by Hacking group works on Apple’s most recent iOS version


Over the practice of several years, Apple has made it very difficult to access restricted applications. Regardless of the efforts of Apple, a hacker group named Unc0ver has released the new jailbreak to access the prohibited applications. And the best thing about this jailbreak is that it runs on the new versions of iOS i.e., from 11 to 13.5.

Jailbreak is out for the latest version of Apple’s iOS devices. A new tool has been revealed by hacking group Un0ver that can have the ability of Jailbreak iOS 13.5. Regarding the jailbreak, the group has stated that this new tool built with a zero-percent vulnerability which doesn’t harm the device’s battery life and doesn’t affect the other Apple services. Prior to this, the jailbreak was released in August to exploit the vulnerabilities of iOS devices and Apple wasn’t aware of it. Still, in a very short period of one week, Apple had found the patch to stop all this. This time, we’ll be expecting the same. Unc0ver claims that the new tool remains constant always.

As per sources, new jailbreaks are enlarged of its existing rules and turning on the power of reading new jailbreak files and the part of the file system without containing user data. However, the new tool is not open-source. Jailbreaking is the process that allows the user to access even restricted services and get far more control over the device. A jailbroken device lets the user access the third-party applications, it doesn’t matter if that application is not available in the App Store. It also gives the power to customize the devices.

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As per twitter leak, the pwn20wnd named user has posted on twitter, “#unc0ver v5.0.0 will be the first 0day jailbreak released since iOS 8! Every other jailbreak released since iOS 9 used 1day exploits that were either patched in the next beta version or the hardware. This will be a big milestone for jailbreaking.” Apparently, Pwn20wnd is an ally of the Unc0ver team.

As compared to Android, iOS hasn’t had the same freedom to install and customize the apps. But, apart from this, Apple has always offered high-security features to keep users’ data safe all the time. By lifting the curtains for unauthorized applications users gives invitations to the risky malware sites.

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Runs Separately and don’t use user data

Earlier, jailbreaking was very easier and at the same time very common for users. But presently, Apple made it a little bit complicated since the practice of several years. The group claims that this new tool runs separately so that it doesn’t use the user data and keep users’ data secure and private all the time.

However, Unc0ver hasn’t yet revealed the outcomes in advance to Apple. And as per sources referenced there are no upcoming patches that will obstruct jailbreak. That means Apple hasn’t yet responded to this, might be Apple is working on finding the patches to obstruct jailbreak. For smaller jailbreak in August, Apple released a patch just in one week to exploit vulnerabilities. At this time, we are looking forward to the next move of Apple, the same response just like earlier can be expected even this time too.