New YouTube features give a Massive Streaming Boom to Big Screen


Due to lockdown, individuals are spending most of the time at home so the viewership on TVs and other streaming platforms is immensely rising day-by-day. Apart from those who are working from home, all the individuals are passing their time by watching TV, YouTube Videos, and other online streaming platforms. 

YouTube Adds More Tools for Advertisers Insight 

YouTube releases its new features that give more formats or tools to boost streaming on TVs.  These tools also offer help to reach customers and estimate ad productiveness on big screens. However, these tools have already persisted for YouTube on other platforms, but now this time it is being available for TVs.  

The emerging popularity of YouTube on TVs is the only reason for bringing more formats or tools to estimated ads on TVs. Today, YouTube is releasing tools and more advertiser acumens to adjust new media strategies and help advertisers to locate rapid changes instantly. 

Debbie Weinstein, Vice President, Global Video and YouTube Solutions has stated, “Today, we are sharing new advertiser insights and accelerating the launch of a number of tools–including Brand Lift measurement on the TV screen and more flexible formats for content cast onto the TV screen–to help advertisers navigate this rapidly changing environment. People are gravitating to the consistently new and fresh content YouTube creators put out every day. In fact, over 60 percent of signed-in viewers of YouTube on TV screens watched a video published in the last 7 days.”

Viewership has Emerged because of Good Content

YouTube has revealed that this immense viewership is increased because of good quality content, and yet more counting is on. As per YouTube’s reports, streaming of live content on TV has risen around 250% worldwide. YouTube movies Hub’s feature-length movies have risen approximately 800% on a global scale.  

Viewership has emerged because of good content

And news watch time on Youtube has increased by 450% globally. Apart from news and online movies, the watch time of online shows via YouTube TV has risen by 300% only in the United States. This calculation is from March 11 to April 10 only and it’s not sure how much this rise was leading by the deadly virus. So, now YouTube add-ups new feature for advertisers to find out the streaming rise.

For making easier to advertiser to calculate the results over all the online streaming platforms YouTube releases new tools. YouTube also claims that connecting TV from YouTube to watch content has risen by 60% as of now. To further expand their strategies on YouTube via connected televisions, advertisers can make other budgetary marketing strategies by these tools. With the increasing demand for YouTube on TV, the company is all set to launch its Brand Lift for optimizing YouTube on the TVs. 

That means, for more interactions the survey has been held to get the actual results. Viewers have two choices either choose a survey or skip the survey in case if you’re not interested. And if you are stream youtube on TV can respond to the survey with the TV remote. This will helpful for advertisers and market analysts to optimize the performance of the advertisement and streaming crusades. Brand Lift will carry forward budgets and utilize them appropriately. In the coming few weeks Brand Lift will be made available to YouTube. However, initially, it will available for YouTube TV. 

At the time when you feel hungry, you want fresh delicious food. Similarly, when individuals are being locked into their own homes, they want ways to get over their boredom. And here comes YouTube as a savior, creators upload their content daily just to make your boredom enthusiastic. YouTube always entertains us by its good quality content. Hence, YouTube is upgrading its features continuously to serve its users better.