Now, Google Photos will Run Manual Backups of Media Files


Google declared the new update of Google Photos by eliminating the auto-backup option of social media platforms files. Google has declared that Google Photos now no longer supports the auto-backup functionality of media flies from chat apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Earlier, the backup of photos and videos which is either received or shared were automatically stored to the user’s Google Photos account. But, after the new announcement made, users will have to manually check in to back up the photos and videos of chats apps media files into Google Photos. Leaks have reported that the company is testing this on the app since a month. Along with the new update, the by default settings of the app will be modified.  

Users who want to back up the photos and videos will need to enable it manually in the settings. Users who have had already switch on in the settings didn’t notice any changes within the app. However, according to the company, this new ploy is temporary just to save internet resources. Because most of the individuals have been sharing the numerous photos and videos in the lockdown or after-lockdown phase.  

Now, Google Photos will Run Manual Backups of Media Files

Even Changed the Logo and Interface of the App

To keep users updated about this change, Google Photos show the notification about this change. Though, the complete list of apps which are no longer support the auto-backup option has not revealed yet. But, leaks confirmed that these apps – Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messenger, LINE, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter included in the list.  

Additionally, the company has also changed the logo and interface of Google Photos. Now, the photo library has three main tags – Search, Library, and Photos. Google is claiming that this new feature won’t let you down except that it will support manual batch processing for backup the media files from the social media messaging apps. Remarkably, the company has also mentioned that – the users existing media backups from messaging apps won’t get affected due to this change. To find the existing media-libraries Google has a guide that helps you in discovering existing media libraries

Google constantly working on making everything feasible for the users. Google stated that the reason behind this update is – just to save extra internet resources. In this pandemic phase, people are sharing photos, videos, and files with others endlessly. Because they are spending their most of time on smartphones. This new update will enlighten the surfing on the app. Prominently, focuses on storing memories as much as possible. 

Google constantly updating its platforms to serve the best-ever services to users. Recently, Google has also made an update to its video conferencing platform Google Meet to enhance the group video calling quality. Few months ago before the revelation of Zoom’s privacy issues, Zoom was the leading video conferencing app. After the confirmation that Zoom has leaking users’ personal data, the massive decrement has been seen in the stakes of Zoom. Hence Google made an update to its Google Meet by launching the new background custom features similar to Zoom.   Looking forward to it and how individuals will react toward this feature.