OnePlus’s IDEAS 2.0 Will Once Again Take User’s Feedback and Suggestions

OnePlus’s IDEAS 2.0 Will Once Again Take User's Feedback and Suggestions

OnePlus definitely had a breakthrough with its IDEAS program. So, now, OnePlus is back on the board once again with its IDEAS program, this time it called an IDEAS 2.0 to enhance the OxygenOS. The company has released the IDEAS 2.0 forum just to take suggestions from the users to improve the OxygenOS. 

OnePlus is back with part two of its IDEAS program. This program will take the users’ feedback and suggestions to help enhance the user experience of OxygenOS. It is the company’s form of Android skin. The IDEAS 2.0 drive will work from September 28 to November 6, 2020. During this session, users can be able to present their ideas on what attributes the company should execute on the future variants of OxygenOS. 

Moreover, the company also allows you to add sketches, maps, or mockups to better explain your concept. If we are talking about the review and selection procedure, then it will take place every two weeks. Apart from this, OnePlus will handpick the top 7 suggestions which would be selected on the basis of the number of likes they will get on their uploads. And all the selected suggestions and ideas would be declared by 16 November. 

The company has set some rules & regulations for the same and these are-

  • The ideas of the users must match with the Terms & Conditions of the OnePlus Community.
  • Suggestions must be uploaded in English only.
  • Violated ideas would be blocked by the OnePlus Community.

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How to Partake in this campaign?

  • Log-in to the OnePlus Community account.
  • Present your idea or suggestion and submit it. You can also share the sketches, mind maps to better explain the concept.
  • Drop your feedback on other users’ ideas, and don’t forget to like your favorite uploads.

Through the OnePlus Community, you will be able to share your ideas, and the ideas that get more points will have been picked. Every idea will get the 3 points (XP) per day, whereas the top 7 ideas will receive 50 points (XP). Along with this, the top seven suggestions will also get the OnePlus community medals. 

Furthermore, if the OnePlus will like your suggestion to execute it, then you will receive a VIP ticket as well to an offline event. The only condition is that – suggestions have to be in English. The suggestion should concentrate on new thoughts instead of software updates. OnePlus clearly states that duplicate suggestions would be removed from the forum. 

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