Oracle Got the Deal for TikTok’s US Cloud Services – All that you need to Know!

Oracle reportedly wins deal for TikTok’s US operations as ‘trusted tech partner’

Now, Oracle has been Selected as a Technology Partner to manage TikTok’s US cloud services.

Oracle has got the deal to control the TikTok’s US cloud services and actions. With Oracle, there was a Microsoft as well who partook in this, and all the swing reports were hinted that Microsoft got the deal, but unfortunately, Microsoft’s bid gets rejected.

It had been reported that the Oracle had been a part of the bidding process to get TikTok, but now The Wall Street reports has confirmed, the biggest tech giant has been chosen as a “trusted tech partner”. Well, it is a bit different from an out-to-out sale and seems to hint Oracle will assisting to run TikTok’s US cloud services and actions.

News of an Oracle contract comes after a while when Microsoft disclosed that its bid gets rejected by TikTok owner ByteDance. The biggest tech marvel Microsoft had been looking for acquiring TikTok’s actions in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. But, it’s clear that Oracle bagged up the deal to be a technology partner instead of winning the bid.

Oracle Got Deal for TikTok

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President Donald Trump Signed a Contract!

US President Donald Trump signed a contract with the administrative order on August 6 to block all the transactions with the ByteDance, and the order commanded an American organization to buy TikTok’s US business. The EO was expected to get effect inside 45 days, but President Donald Trump signed a contract order by offering 90 days to ByteDance to sell or turn-off TikTok in the US.

Although, the order was a conclusion of a study or research of the organization by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS), which manages the foreign takeovers of US organizations for any possible security hazards. In the early days of August, we’ve told you about the planning of Microsoft to acquire TikTok. The acquisition of TikTok has gone through a lot of drama. Even though, the earlier speculations were assured that till 15 September, Microsoft will acquire TikTok. But, now the table has turned with an unbelievable move. However, the acquisition was completely leaned in the hands of the White House or President Donald Trump.

After the ban of TikTok in India by the Indian government due to privacy issues. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadela also assured President Trump that they work upon it and eliminate the risk of privacy issues. But, after making a lot of effort, still, the Oracle win the bid and selected as the most trusted technology partner. Significantly, Oracle has a history of alliance with the US state, making its connection with the TikTok group an imperative play amid the increasing cross-current of Chinese opposition.