Outlook will Show Text Predictions when you’ll write an E-Mail


Outlook is a program that is developed by Microsoft to compose and receive e-mails. Users can also use Outlook to organize appointments, meetings, actions, personal information, and to-do tasks. Microsoft has revealed that it is working on add-up the new features in the application to give a better experience for users. This new feature will give the text suggestion which will show words while you are composing an e-mail.

Outlook will suggest text predictions of every possible word when you’ll write an e-mail. Presently, Microsoft is working on the new feature of Outlook that will write an e-mail for you. When you are writing an E-Mail, this feature suggests text predictions of words by using the smart and latest technology. 

The company has stated that if the user likes the suggestion then they can accept the suggestion by pressing the Tab or right arrow key. However, it is similar to G-mails smart text composer function. And in case, if the user doesn’t want to accept the suggestion then the user can ignore it and keep on typing.  

As per the sources, this smart composer will release for the users globally around the end of this month. This text prediction feature will help users to write better e-mails. For further, the company is also preparing up for releasing the send later feature to Outlook on the web. This feature will help users to set the schedule when the user wants to send the e-mail. However, this feature is also under maintenance and expected to be turning-out in the second half of this year. 

Its send later feature is very helpful for users, for instance, suppose, you have to go tomorrow somewhere but, after some time you remembered that you have to also mail your boss tomorrow. In this, situation you can type the mail and schedule it as per your preference when you want to send it. This send later options allows users to get their work accomplished before the deadline. Recently, Microsoft connected teams and outlook for building a great experience of teamwork when we all are stuck at home and doing work from home. This step has been taken to increase productivity and saves a lot of time.

How to Turn on Text Suggestions in Outlook

To switch on the text suggestions in Outlook, users will first need to move to settings at the top of the webpage, then click on “view all outlook settings”. In this option, move to the “mail” option and then switch to the “compose and reply” option. Now, under the “text predictions” options, check “suggest words or phrases” and turn it on. And that’s it, text prediction option is now enabled in outlook. And if you want to disable the text suggestion option, just simply turn it off. 

At this time, when most of the peoples are doing work from home this new feature will be a little bit funnier, easier and quicker to write e-mails in a better way than ever. I am very eager to use this new feature and I am sure you all are also very eager to use it. But, we have to wait until this feature goes on-air for all.