POCO X3 NFC’s Launch Plans for the Next Week: Here’s What to Expect?


POCO has just pulled the curtains off from the release date of POCO X3 NFC. POCO X3 NFC will be set to release in the next week. Moreover, POCO X3 NFC will be the first phone to run on Snapdragon 732G chipset. Poco X3 NFC will also feature 64MP quad cameras and a high refresh rate as well.

We’ve observed a lot of teasers for the smartphone in the previous week and moving forward the company has disclosed now that POCO X3 NFC will be launch on September 7 globally. POCO will host a live stream to introduce Poco X3 NFC. But, as of now, the company hasn’t revealed anything about the virtual event.

Brand’s, India General Manager C Manmohan, has also tweeted about this and share their excitement on being the first brand to launch on the Snapdragon 732G chipset. The new chipset is the update to the Snapdragon 730G that duress smartphones like Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Poco X2, and Google Pixel 4a. Moreover, it is confirmed that the phone features a 64MP quad-camera, 120Hz high refresh rate, 5,160mAh battery power, and 20MP selfie snipper. The company has tweeted about the Poco X3 NFC and claims that Poco X3 NFC is exactly what you need.

Poco X3 NFC

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Poco X3 NFC Does Not Simulate Any Extant Redmi or Xiaomi Design

Fortunately, it is affirmed that Poco X3 NFC carries a new fresh design and doesn’t simulate any extant Redmi and Xiaomi’s design. However, the price of the Poco X3 NFC is still a mystery, but some speculations are being made regarding the price. The Poco X2 was priced approximately $300 in India (equivalent to 21,500).

So, it has been speculating that Poco X3 NFC could be priced around the X2 price, or, might be it will little bit expensive than X2 because it is based on the latest chipset. But, in terms of pricing, there is no confirmation of that. Poco X3 NFC is standing straight at the lane to give a direct competition to the OnePlus Nord that brags a more robust processor and 5G connectivity.

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Though, there is no doubt that a good smartphone experience relies on more than merely the hardware. To get understand this, take the Pixel 4a as an instance. Google smartphone equipped with the snapdragon 730G that seems as way smooth and works on the norm with its Snapdragon 765G chipset just in case, if not work accordingly at times.

Well keeping all this in mind, to ensure that Poco X3 NFC will come-up in the exact variant as the teasers predicted. Well, this will only come out when the Poco X3 NFC will be in our hands for testing. Looking forward, to see that actually it manages to knock out the OnePlus Nord and Google mid-range smartphones.