Time to Pre-Order Extra Accessories of Xbox Series X / Series S – Here’s How to!

Time to Pre-Order Extra Accessories of Xbox Series X Series S

So, till now you’ve surely preordered the next-gen gaming console Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Now, its a time to pre-order some extra stuff as well. Whether you are searching for the brand new Blue wireless handset or looking for an extra play and care kit, we’ve sorted everything for you!

Numerous retailers have received a wide variety of Xbox Series X and Series S accessories stock, so become a lucky one and pre-order the extra stuff as soon as possible to grab the latest deals. Check out from where you can do pre-order Xbox Series X extra stuff and games as well.

Xbox Series X is now available for pre-orders, permitting Xbox fans to assure they’ve edged their next-gen digital console ahead of its launch on 10 November. But, apart from this, it’s worth heeding that the standard Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S comes with one Xbox Wireless Controller under the package.

If you are an individual who likes a touch of the couch with your friends, then you are going to love with the extra controller of Xbox Series X. So, you need to pre-order an additional set of the controller by so you can chill with your friends right from the ship day. It’s absolutely true that the Xbox One controller will run on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but do you know the new Xbox Series X controller which is also known as the Xbox Wireless Controller is compatible with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

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Moreover, the new Xbox Wireless Controller claims to provide low latency, better connectivity functionality, the latest D-pad, and a straight-out share button. Additionally, focuses on the accessibility of the controller that highlights a more innovative comfortable design, also has a textured grip on the covers, at back, and triggers.

When it comes to buying anything or pre-order, then Amazon is the most reliable and trusted source. You can pre-order the Xbox Series X controller and extra accessory stuff as well from Amazon easily. Apart from Amazon you can also pre-order the Xbox Wireless Controller from Best Buy, one of the most reliable sources where you get quite cool discounts as well. Jump to further, Target is another great option to pre-order the Xbox Wireless Controller. To pre-order the controller what you have to do is – just visit the site, search for the product, and buy it. Isn’t it so easy? Yes, undoubtedly.

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Xbox Wireless Controller Come in Three Color Variants

When we talk about the pricing segment of the Xbox Wireless Controller then it priced at £54.99 or £59.99. Reflecting that’s a similar RRP has a present Xbox One controller. But, delivers better performance than ever, and that’s what we think a good state. And the true blues is – that you can be able to choose your preferred color – because it comes in blue, black, and white.

But don’t forget this is only a pre-order, you can’t actually feel the extra controller until the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will release officially,  which is set to release on 10 November 2020. So, boot your hands and pre-order next-gen gaming console Xbox Series X just to experience the never like before powerful gaming.