PUBG Ban is the Last Spike by Indian Government to Chinese Tech Sector


India is constantly making everything difficult for China. Two days back, India played its massive card towards China by banned PUBG and more 118 other apps as well, claiming that these apps were harming the user’s data in an unauthorized way. Well, it is not the first time when India did so, prior to this, India had been banned more 59 mobile applications by stating that these applications are hindering the privacy of the user’s, and sharing the data with the other third-party apps.  

India is constantly making life hell of China tech sector. As the PM Modi government’s onrush against the Chinese Communist Party appears to be never-ending. Across the globe, there is an increasing consent that China and its mobile applications are accessed by millions of users across the world as tools for spying and stealing users’ data or personal information. It was noticed that how the world association pleased with the decision of India’s daring move that is a ban on TikTok and numerous 59 apps in June this year and also inspired with this move.

Now, India has banned PUBG the most downloaded gaming application, and its Lite app too, along with PUBG the 118 other applications have also banned in India. Daring India’s move against China or its mobile applications sector indicates the destruction of China’s shoddy app realm. 

PUBG Ban is the Last Spike by Indian-1

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Death Bell for the Chinese Tech Sector

The huge ban on Chinese mobile applications or the tech sector by India will end in investors increasing anxiousness of settling in their fates with the Chinese companies, as in the post-COVID world scale, no one has an idea which nation might finish up taking anti-China decisions. 

Now, the investors are investing in more durable economies and a very good example of this is India, who confront no negative predilections on a global scale. This will bring the death bell for the Chinese tech sector. Fortunately, the PC version of the PUBG app is not banned in India. This is because of the fact that PUBG mobile has related to the Chinese party, but its PC variant does not have any link with the Chinese tech sector. That’s the reason behind not banned the PUBG’s PC version. Because PUBG’s PC version has been published or developed by the Korean developer PUBG Corp, which is a subsidiary company of South Korean’s top-notch video game company named Bluehole Studio. But, as of now, it is a united gaming brand called Krafton Game Union. 

PUBG’s Mobile version has been developed by Tencent Holdings, which is a part of Chinese Holding aggregate. Undoubtedly, the core of the game has taken from the PUBG Crop, and the mobile version of the PUBG has been published and developed by Tencent, the only reason for its ban in India, due to a core China connection. Moreover, Tencent Games also acquired an almost 10% stake in Bluehole, in around mid-2018. The ban through India on the Chinese developed applications will surely have a massive effect on activities of global organizations with Chinese existences too. Now, now other nations would want to connect with the Chinese realities, just to don’t want to face the post-impact in economies. There are some speculations doing rounds over the globe that somehow, if the partnership would over between the Bluehole and Tencent games, then, maybe India will remove the ban from the PUBG’s mobile version as well. Well, this is only a guess, really don’t have an idea whether it is true or not. 

Now, it has been clear that anything Chinese could be banned in India at any time without an eye blink.