Quantum Computing:- Different Ages Different Approaches


Quantum computing may push new startups. It is being so great to adopt Quantum technology to solve real problems in the meantime. The three startups are all set to approaching Quantum Computing very differently at the TC Disrupt 2020.

Earlier days of personal computers, most of the organizations were used to approach different technology to solve the problems. In the present time, now also all the startup companies are analyzing to approach the newest and different techniques for solving the underlying physics problems. Some sort of new frontiers is looking forward to using new technology and machines as well.

For doing so, they are researching how to link with these machines with the standard computers and how to create software for them. The directors of the three organizations are all set about approaching quantum computing from diverse viewpoints, and all of them have the same aim of empowering technology.

New Pieces of technology

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New Pieces for New Technology

At TC Disrupt 2020 on September 14-18, they will have a jury with D-Wave CEO Alan Baratz, Quantum Machines co-founder, CEO Itamar Sivan, & IonQ president and CEO Peter Chapman.

Up till now, D-Wave is the well-known quantum computing firm because of its early start and smart marketing methodologies. Moreover, earlier this year, Alan Baratz has been designated as CEO. Prior to this, a few years back he was a chief product officer and executive VP of R&D at the company. Under the leadership of Alan Baratz, D-Wave has constantly extended its technology, and prominently its cloud service. D-Wave technology focuses only on quantum computing to serve the best. Presently, the company is now preparing up for enhancing its hardware and software platform, both.

Just like Baratz, Peter Chapman isn’t a founder of IonQ, he was the engineering director for Amazon Prime. In 2019, he joined IonQ, and under his administration, the company raised around $55 million funding in late 2019. And last month, the company has increased by $7 million. Presently, the company is focusing on controlling its machine more effectively. This approach will have the benefit to control IonQ’s machines and make it able to operate at room temperature. And prominently, these machines are focusing on smalling their quantum processors.

D-Wave and IonQ, are the companies that presently gathered around $17.5 million in a Series A round, for building a quantum orchestration platform that blends novel method hardware for controlling quantum processors. Because once quantum machines get mature enough, then it becomes harder for the traditional PCs to control them with a comparable software platform. And for this, QUA language is used for programming quantum algorithms and parameters. Itamar Sivan is the first who, startup Quantum Machines. So, attend Disrupt 2020 on September 14-18 to get a deep insight.

Quantum computing is the future and like any new technological advancements, it will need a whole new setup and methods of computing.

If we may succeed in making Quantum technology standard PCs will not be fast enough to work with them. And this will need the company’s to make new PCs and new programming languages that can keep up with the Quantum phenomena.