Samsung’s New Laser Projector, “The Premiere” Puts 4K MEGA Picture on Wall


Due to a pandemic, where everyone has been stuck in their homes and getting bored off, thus, the Samsung family brought a new innovative projector to make the boring life an enthusiastic one. This all-new laser projector will give a real-time watching experience and something beyond your imagination. So, let’s kick off the discussion to know more in detail!

Want to fill your empty wall but doesn’t want to do so with BIG TVs? Then, here is a big surprise for you by the Samsung family. Samsung family brings an all-new ultra-short-throw laser projector that places 4K pictures on your empty wall.

A few days back, Samsung has declared its all-new ultra-short-throw laser projector named “The Premiere” which supports mega 4K picture on your wall within an out-and-out least of space. So, now after the arrival of ultra short throw laser projectors, you don’t need to worry about anything in between you and your most preferred movies, web-series, and short documentaries.

That’s the reason why ultra short throw laser projectors are designed, just to give the eternal watching experience. The Premiere is a member of Samsung’s lifestyle product collection, where the other products including Sero, Terrace, Frame, and Serif resides. Initially, Samsung first released its Lifestyle product collection in 2016 with The Serif. By enhancing the products or TV line-ups from the consumer’s perspective, Samsung’s projectors constantly providing the true home cinema experience. However, undoubtedly these products are a bit expensive but give the specs of The Premiere too which indicates that the all-new ultra short throw projector won’t come at an affordable or cheap price probably.

Samsung's new laser projector variant

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Samsung’s the Premiere Comes in Two Variants

Samsung’s new laser projector The Premiere comes in two variants and that is – 130-inch LSP9T and the 120-inch LSP7T. Moreover, the all-new laser printer has a high brightness of up to 2,800 ANSI lumens. Plus, it also supports Samsung’s smart TV stands, holds with HDR10+ tech, and equipped with in-built subwoofers, and Acoustic Beam girdle sound.

Such kind of ultra short throw projectors are meant to sit nearby to a wall, as objected to rushing over an entire room just like a traditional projector and prominently have been around for a jiff. These sorts of projectors are offered by numerous other companies as well including LG, Sony, Optoma, Vava, and Hisense, and they are priced around $2000 to $15000, and above. Laser light engines are also turning massively prevalent and distinct projectors incorporate HDR and 4K resolution. Moreover, The Premiere laser projector made its way as a piece of Samsung’s Virtual world event which indicates “Life is Unstoppable” that directly matches the IFA business show in Berlin.

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Apart from this information, Samsung hasn’t shared any details regarding the price or availability yet. The single thing that we know up till now that The Premiere will launch in the US, Korea, Europe, and other territories at the end of this year.