Shocking! Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Won’t Be Shipped With Headphones


We are here with a piece of news that might be a shock for some ardent Samsung Galaxy users. The tech giant’s new offering, i.e., Galaxy Note 20 will not come with headphones in North America as confirmed by the company officials. The major reason behind this move of the original equipment manufacturer is said to be environmental concerns.

As per a recent study, in 2019, we made a new record. An all-time high 53.6 million metric tons of discarded phones, headphones, computers, and other electronic gadgets were reported last year. This act of Samsung is highly praised by both environmentalists and technocrats as it will encourage other companies to follow the suit and help reduce the e-waste that harms the environment. While non-inclusion of headphones may be a deal-breaker for some users, it is certainly a good thing to save the environment from further deterioration.

Moreover, this decision of Samsung to exclude headphones from its premium phone segment came after Apple’s rumored exclusion of headphones and power adapter in the package of the iPhone 12. Unlike Apple, Samsung is only skipping the headphones. Apart from the earphones, you will get everything including the power adapter. Here’s a glimpse of what comes inside the box. The phone, sim ejector, the power adapter, and a cable.

Samsung accessories
Image Source: CNET

Now, a question that pops up is that is the exclusion of headphones implies less value for the users. Well, not including earphones is in no way a reduction in the value as Samsung offers several power-packed features to compensate for the same.

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What Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Has in Store for Users

The all-new Note from Samsung has a multitude of incredible features to offer to the users. For instance, it will have 5G connectivity, fast and powerful processors, improved cameras, high-resolution video recording, longer support for the OS, a super-fast S Pen, Gorilla Glass Victus, a larger screen, a lot more.

All these features make up for the non-inclusion of earphones but what if you really need them? If this is what you are pondering, then there is no need to worry. You can get a USB-C wired headphones pair from Samsung free of charge without even paying for shipping and handling. And, as an alternative, you can also use Bluetooth headphones.

And, for users outside North America, the company continues to include headphones in the Galaxy Note 20 package. Stay tuned to know more about when you can get it and other tech offerings.