Shot 15-seconds lengthy multi-segment videos on YouTube


Recently, YouTube VS TikTok controversy has taken a new look. As of now, YouTube has made several updation to its platform just to overtake TikTok’s popularity. A few days ago, many peoples were comparing YouTube and TikTok just to giving their own opinions for the very same. But, this comparison doesn’t make any sense. As there is nothing like YouTube. TikTok is totally different from YouTube, hence, there is no comparison between YouTube and TikTok.

YouTube is all-set to overtaking rival TikTok by launching its new experiment. On Wednesday, YouTube has announced that it is introducing new features for testing that will allow users to record videos of 15-seconds in the normal mobile recording flow.

TikTok has the same feature of recording a 15-second long video with the mobile upload flow. Similarly, now YouTube directly points at rival TikTok and offers the same feature to its users. That means YouTube users can shot videos with the same length that TikTok offers. To experiment with new features, the user will find an option i.e., “create a video” and can be able to record the video in the mobile upload flow. Just like TikTok, the user has to tap on the record button and hold on the button to record their video.

And to stop the recording they have to free the record button. Then, afterward, YouTube will merge the videos and make it as one. The new feature doesn’t support the longer videos for more than 15 seconds. So, in case, if you want to shot more than 15-seconds longer video then you have to record the video by your phone and save it to your phone’s gallery then upload it on YouTube.

15 second shot video feature on youtube

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YouTube Affirms 15-Seconds Video Would not be Shown as Stories

Regarding testing the new experiment, YouTube hasn’t revealed any other detail yet. Perhaps, it is expecting that later on new features would contain more controls and features like filters, music, effects, AR, and options for changing the speed. These are the attributes that make TikTok so popular and amusing.

These attributes can add a more fascinating style to your video. Yet, it is deserving heeding that YouTube adds short-form format in its platform just to overtake TikTok. The company hasn’t revealed how 15-second long videos will look like over its platform. The news about YouTube’s new experiment has arrived just after the TikTok’s new play for advertisers. Today, TikTok has announced the new rendition of the TikTok app for business purposes. TikTok’s new feature is for advertisers who aimed at marketers and brands for business purposes. From this new venture, advertisers can boost their learning ability about TikTok’s advertisement offerings. Apart from this, advertisers can be able to design their own crusades and focus more on e-learning.

YouTube stated that this new experiment is under the testing process. And a small team of creators are testing this new feature across both Android and iOS platforms. A spokesperson from the company said that this was one of the diverse tests the company had in the actions encompassing short-form video. It is expecting that this feature will roll soon in the coming few weeks for everyone across the world. Stay tuned with us to get the latest tech releases instantly.