Sony Designed the first-ever combination of the image sensor and AI chip


Sony has designed the combination of two technologies i.e., image sensor and AI chip. Building image sensors with AI for enabling high-speed processing. It is the world’s first intelligent image sensors combined with AI chip.

Today, Sony has declared the forthcoming launch of the world’s first-ever intelligent sensors with the AI processing functionality. This combination empowers the high-speed AI processing and educt those important data which are linked with cloud and using cloud services.

It also addresses the privacy measure to enriching more security, decrease data transportation, power consumption, and communication costs. Sony company claims that this will be the best innovation to boost the high processing speed and will give more accurate outputs than ever.

The chip has around 12.3 productive megapixels for recording information over all the wide-angle of view. Moreover, the logic chip is also integrated with Sony’s actual digital signal processor which is committed to AI processing, and AI models memory. The conventional image sensor circuit also eradicated the chances of need for high-performance processing speed or even with the need for external memory.

Image Signal Processor processes the signals with AI processing and delivers the productive information of data that can be considered as metadata. With high-speed processing speed, it also allows capturing real-time objects while shooting a video.

In the press release, Sony claims that the new hybrid technology will surely boost the data transmission and reduce the interruptions which occur while the transmission. And stated, “The new sensor products feature a stacked configuration consisting of a pixel chip and logic chip. They are the world’s first image sensor to be equipped with AI image analysis and processing functionality on the logic chip. The signal acquired by the pixel chip is processed via AI on the sensor, eliminating the need for high-performance processors or external memory, enabling the development of edge AI systems.”

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Enables High-Speed Processing and better Output

The new hybrid technology accumulated configuration of pixel and logic chip both. Additionally, it is the first-ever image sensors that are integrated with AI processing functionality on the logic chip. On the sensor, the signal is processed through AI by the pixel chip. This will reduce the requirement of high-speed processors and enhance the AI signal processor system.

AI signal processor system

It will produce output metadata which is related to image data not to image information. Furthermore, AI potential also lets users track or capture real-time objects. By using distinct AI models users can re-composed the internal memory as per their requirement or on the basis of the system’s location. Sony’s new sensor products use high-processing speed and ISP (Image Signal Processor) on the logic chip to capture a whole process in the single frame.

And it will be clearly visible that this design delivers the real-time object tracking functionality and high precision while shooting a video. For embedding the memory users can write the different AI models as per their need. In a camera, the AI model can be rewrite and update as per the requirement to verify the consumer behavior, explore the maps, locations, to track the number of visitors or consumers, and many more.

The model name of the products is IMX500 (bare chip product) and IMX501 (package product). And its frame rate includes full pixel of 60fps, video 4K/60fps/1080fps/240fps, and full video AI processing in 30fps. It has a sensitive value of approximately 250LSB and the minimum value of the sensor saturation level is around 9610e-. Interestingly, Sony is all set to hit the technology bar high by integrating image sensors and AI chips for the very first time across the world.