Spotify is all-set to Takes us in Nostalgia


Summertime reminds us of the trips, vacations, and yes songs. And summer is more than enough where we can do many things from learning to adventurings and so on. But this time, summer is a little bit challenging.            

As we all are stuck in our own homes and couldn’t be able to go anywhere because of the pandemic. At this what we could be done the most is streaming the web-series or listening to the songs and many more. Hence, here comes Spotify and Nest online -music streaming platforms that bless our ears by providing unlimited songs from numerous genres. 

As per Google Trends reports, in the past 90 days, individuals search for “summertime songs” for more than 1,150 percent. And individuals search for “remind you of summer” more than 1000 percent across the world. Luckily, Spotify helps users to listen to their utmost favorite songs of their favorite artists.  

Starting from this summer Spotify was ready to make us feel delighted by old but never old songs. From the beats of hip-hop to the melody of indie-pop Spotify is going to bring us all evergreen songs whether it is “This Is America” performed by Childish Gambino or “Alright” which is written and sung by Kendrick Lamar. According to Spotify, these songs are going to stay long enough in 2020’s summer. Since the past month, “This Is America” has been remained the top-streamed song with having more than 700 percent searches.


Spotify insisted on bringing these old tracks back because of the recent black lives matter movement. This is Spotify’s unique way to show its support to the black community. 

Recently, Spotify shared the user’s experience that how users are in love with Spotify’s incredible listening abilities. Millions of individuals listen to songs on Spotify. Individuals liked to listening to Spotify on Nest and Google Home smart gadgets. These search results have been displayed between May 10 and June 10 of the current year. In the quarantine phase, Drake become the utmost streamed artist on the Nest gadgets across the world. And as we all know 2020 is nothing but a big challenging year for everyone across the world. 

Hence, in this case, peoples liked to listen to the song which is related to the sort of relaxation and sleep. Moreover, 2020 is a stressful year, so to get free from the stress listeners listen to songs that calm down their minds and soothe their soul. Google Trends stated that Spotify’s searches for “Insomnia” arrived on the high peak for the very first time in April this year. So, here you’ll find the best suggestions for summer 2020 that will take you a thrilling journey. You can listen to the best songs for summer on your Nest device just by saying ” Hey Google, Play Songs of Summer”. The song of summer jukebox incorporates current trending songs like Rockstar by DaBaby and Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles. So, re-live the past glory of summer songs this year. So, be ready to witness old country songs to uplift your music taste.