Hear out Spotify’s Song with your Squads Remotely, Here’s How!


Spotify is constantly pushing the boundaries of its platform. Currently, a few days back, Spotify released the podcast feature globally for its users. However, as for now, Spotify would show only a few selected creators podcast. This has marked the most engaging move up till now that could be a big help to boost its platform and would surely offer many big deals in the coming future.

Now, after a small turn of days, another update in Spotify’s group sessions feature has taken place which allows users to listen to Spotify’s song remotely.

Late in May, Spotify released the beta version of a new feature named Group Session, which allows paid users to listen to the songs with the capability of playing, queuing, and skipping songs while hearing mutually.

Now, the music streaming platform has declared it officially, which means a new update to Group Sessions allows you to listen to Spotify’s songs and podcasts with friends across the world. Individuals can start their listening session with up to 4 other individuals.

listen spotify music from anywhere with group session

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Allows you to start listening session with up to 4 individuals.

For listening to the songs with the friends remotely, you need to follow certain steps which are-

  • Create a “join” link and sent the link to your friends on any messaging services.
  • Then, on the bottom-most left side, receivers may found a tab named “connect” click on it.
  • By clicking on the “Connect tab” you can easily be able to join the listening session.

3 steps and you are done. One of the most convenient features that Spotify offers with this update is – it allows individuals who are in the listening session with their squads to make changes including play, queue, skip, and pause. Following the ongoing pandemic situation, recently the music streaming platform has released the Spotify’s COVID-19 music relief project and donated around $10 million to numerous charities.

Currently, the pandemic phase set our paths separate from our family and friends across the world. This could be an opportunity to tie up again with the long-distance boo. Take a moment, come closer to your loved and close ones across the world through virtually.

Spotify allows both hosts and guests as well to control the listening session. And if one person makes changes to it then it will automatically and shortly be displayed on all the participant’s devices.

However, Group Session is still in beta, you can foresee the adventure to last to emerge over time. As for now, start your first listening Group Session.

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