Stay Connected with your loved ones on Nest Hub Max

Have you missed your loved ones in this lockdown? Of course, you had. Google has decided to help its users by its Nest Hub Max service. By, this service you will always be connected with your loved ones with the help of Google. Google has decided to let its users connect on a group call with each other so they stay connected and stay safe. 

Google is popping-up an all-new feature that allows users to make a group call on Nest hub max via Google Duo and Google Meet. However, as of now, this new feature is presently available only in US regions.  

Individuals can be able to make a group video call up to 32 people from their family and friends on Google Duo. Individuals can check-in in their work meetings with up to 100 participants via Google Meet. With the help of simple voice command from Google, Assistant users can make a group video call.  

To make a group video call, you have to simply ask your Nest Hub Max “Hey Google, make a group call”. For easy access, you can also create a group on Duo. And easily select your Duo group for quick access for whom you want to connect with. The Auto-framing feature lets you move around your kitchen, living area, and other places at home while staying in view.

At this time where we are bound to go and meet our family and friends video conferencing is the best way to stay in touch with them. Especially, those who are working from home now they can easily get check-in office meetings on Nest Hub Max device via Google Meet. To get started, just say your Hub Max device, “Hey Google, start a meeting”.  

Stay Connected with your loved ones on Nest Hub Max

And on Google Meet you can connect with up to 100 members. For joining into a meeting you have to “enter meeting code”. In May this year, Google had made a new update to its Google Meet account for its G-Suite users. This update lets G-Suite users make a video call directly from their G-mail account. But, the condition is the G-mail account that you used to make a video call must be running. By this users can be able to start a meeting or join a meeting just by entering the meeting code. In this pandemic time, where most of the peoples are doing work from home can found it very reliable to check-in into the office meetings directly without opening the Meet app separately just by entering the meeting code. 

Google is also giving beta support to G suite accounts, so its users can organize work or personal meetings on their respective Nest hub man. G Suite admins can enroll on behalf of their domains into the beta program can signup by clicking on this link.

And if any person wants to put their close people’s contacts on speed-dial, personal contacts can be put on google enabled smart devices or smart speakers. Once you have finished setting up your contacts, you can simply call your uncle by saying” Hey google call uncle”. You can also call your contacts by tapping their names on your smart devices.

On Nest Hub Max, Meet group video call is introducing for the very first time. Now, it comes a bit closer to your loved ones with your Nest Hub Max device. Google and Nest have joined hands to minimize the distance between you and your loved ones.