Telegram Launches One-On-One Video Calls on Its 7th Anniversary


In April, Telegram claimed to have 400 million monthly active users. Reported, that every day approximately 1.5 million fresh users sign up. It has been seen that during the quarantine phase Telegram emerged an ideal way for remote work and study as it offers effective features such as cloud storage, desktop support, and folders. No surprise that Telegram is the leading downloaded social media application across 20 countries. Nowadays, to have a more speed-up pace, individuals around the world are flipping on Telegram.

Two days back, Telegram marks seven years of success. Along with the celebration, Telegram has released an alpha version of one-on-one video calls on both platforms iOS and Android. In the official blog post, secure messaging app, Telegram mentioned that “2020 is more for face-to-face communication than anything else.” Along with the one-on-one video calls, Telegram is also offering more animated emoticons to make the conversation even far fun-loving. The new batch of animated emoji helps you to make the conversation a fun banter.

telegram new batch of animated emoji

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Process for Starting a Video Call

In a blog post, Telegram also shares a process for starting a video call. Here is what you need to do for starting a video call-

  • Open-up secure messaging app Telegram.
  • Tap on the profile page of the individual with whom you want to make a video call.

That’s all you have to do for making a video call. However, individuals will have an option to switch video on or off at any moment during a call. Video calls support picture-in-picture mode, so if that video call gets boring or annoying then, you can be able to scroll the app. Moreover, one-to-one video calls will have end-to-end encryption.

telegram video calling feature

Telegram is Working on Rolling Group Video Calls in Coming Months

2020 has proved a roller coaster year for everyone. Pandemic has changed the meaning of the era in all streams by emerging the digital approach more, including business, communication, and many more. To stay in touch with the loved or closed one’s video calls are the best way currently especially, now, when you are not able to go and meet them personally. Thus, Telegram makes an update to its alpha version of one-on-one video calls on both iOS and Android.

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In April this year, Telegram declared that it would be launch group video calls later this year. However, it isn’t quite happened so. But, in the recent blog post, the company stated that ” video calls will get new advanced features and enhancements later on. Along with the new enhancements, we are also working on rolling the group video calls in the coming months, maybe this fall or coming one.”

Currently, Telegram is come under the top 10 most downloaded applications all over the world to stay connected with family and friends. The same goes for collaborating with teammates and classmates as well. In the blog post, the company mentioned that this is just because of the millions of users who trusted in us. We have never ever advertised or promoted the platform and every individual has made the way to the app because of advice from the person they trust. Strengthen features have made the app a leading application. Significantly, we’ll continue the work to push the boundaries of the application and make Telegram more than a messaging app.